Monday Miniatures: Flesh Golem


It’s alive, alive!! This week we paint a reanimated monstrosity, which is not to be confused with a plain old zombie.


Ater – this mini project has some interesting sculpts at least.

MeI spent a lot of time this week focusing on the details – the stiches held wash especially well.

JoJo went straight monster this week.

JesJes has a great multi-tone monster this week. I thought about going this way, but it seemed like too much work; fortunately Jes made it look easy.

FleshGolem Arjen

Arjen’s beast looks like it was skinned. Seriously, he was intending to paint it to just a table top level, but the result is pretty gruesome.

tallghost flesh golem

Tallghost’s mini looks like a classic out of a monster film. I really like this color scheme.

MM Flesh Golem_DVogel

Dirk went all out, painting each segment a different color, with all attendant highlighting and shading.

JarrodNewcomer Jarrod added a skull to the offhand, and really played up the more gruesome aspects of this model.


The Gleeful Grognard sends in a late, but beautiful mini.

Blacksmith email pictures to by 1/18/14




I was emailed a couple of suggestions last week – but the reaper website was down. Please continue to send me your suggestions. I’d like to keep these posted at least a month out.

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7 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Flesh Golem

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  2. Great work, and a surprising amount of variety on what might otherwise be a very straightforward figure!

    I actually painted this figure up many months ago and didn’t feel it was quite as good as my more recent figures, so I didn’t send in a submission for this week. Dirk has a much better version of what I did (the “patchwork” style).

  3. Really awefully scary minis this week. Congrats to all!
    My favourite this time is David’s bcause of the scars on the chest.

    And a big welcome to Jarrod! I hope you stay. And I like your base, the footprints are a good detail. Did you use crackle medium for the earth?

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