Monday Miniatures: Dain Deepaxe


77074_w_1[1]After taking a long hard look at the Reaper Bones minis that were available, we chose to paint the most Santa like dwarf we could find this week, Dain.

The results are 6 different dwarves, none of them bedecked in red.

Yet another print your own mini project was launched.


This one came out okay. I’m glad there was so much detail on this model to work with. I really like how the shield and beard turned out, but I wish the horns would have come out better.


Magnus chose a great color scheme. I love the red/green contrast. Very clean Magnus.


Dirk, went full “ghost of Christmas yet to come” with this one. The OSL is a nice touch – this one was definitely out of the box.

Dain Arjen

Arjen did a particularly good job with the beard and shield. I didn’t even notice there was a coherent shield design until I saw this mini in my inbox.

tallghost dain

Tallghost went with a much warmer color scheme than the rest of us. I really like how it turned out.


Jes altered the shield pretty significantly. I really like how the leather and beard came out, but I really feel like these pictures are doing the painting justice. Hopefully Santa works on that.

Next week we are taking a break for Christmas.

Shaeress – Please send pictures by 1/4/15.

Flesh Golem

Please continue to send me your suggestions!

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6 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Dain Deepaxe

  1. I really should have made a composite photo of my submission to show off his backside and shield. I’m really happy with how this figure turned out; anyone so inclined can see the other pictures in my blog post:

    Awesome submissions all around this week! I would like to thank David for starting the Monday Miniatures painting challenge. I was just getting back into the hobby due to the Bones I Kickstarter when I came across Monday Miniatures on the Reaper forums. I can definitely say it has spurred me on to paint more figures this past year than I would otherwise have achieved. To date, I have painted about 160-ish Bones, which is many times the number of figures I had painted in the previous 10 years. I look forward to continuing to knock out the Bones I figures next year!

    Happy holidays everyone, and I’ll see you all with Shaeress Nashanneth next year!

    – M:M

  2. Hm, judging from the eyes, Magnus has the only dwarf who is not on cocaine. David has nice details, like the stein and the clasps on the backpack. Tallghost: nice color scheme. Jes: I bought a 16 euro diffuse daylight lightbulb and it was worth every penny. Nice facial expression, rocky base, really a shame we cannot see it well. I like dwarfs. Dirk killed the dwarf. ‘Nuf said.

    • Color correction with imaging software can be a big help (I use the “auto adjust colors” feature in IrfanView, which is a free image viewer)! Between that and an LED bulb, I think my photos are turning out better.

      Also, I LOL’d at the cocaine comment. I did have some trouble with Dain’s eyes, but that’s one area I know I’ve definitely improved in over the last year. Painting eyes isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be (though I’m not doing the whole “iris” thing on a man-sized figure!).

  3. It ´s interesting how different the results are with the same mini every week – awesome! I like all the entries. Blue and gold is a classical dwarven colour scheme in my eyes (I don´t know why) and I think it´s a good combination.
    Arjen´s dwarf is colder with the silver and black, catching the feeling of the depth underground.
    Magnus´ dwarf reminds me of Bruenor Battlehammer from Forgotten Realms (I thought about painting him myself, but went for an “ancestor” instead).
    I like Jes´ dwarf as he looks like he´s in a thick fight, looking around for a new enemy or an ambush.
    I don´t know if it was intended by tallghost, but for me the dwarf´s eye looks like a dragon-eye. It harmonises with the weapon and shield design. And I also like the warmer colour palette.

    My wife and me wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you there with the next entry.
    Now I have to watch “a chrismas carol” and mourn about Bones II not coming before christmas 😉

  4. For some reason, none of my comments will post from my phone…

    I just want y’all to know that my husband told me the day I sent these in that I needed a better photo setup. He feels very vindicated. 🙂
    I love the ghost effect, Dirk!

    Also, I agree with everyone, thank you for doing this David, it has been a great experience so far, and I’m so glad I found it!

    Y’all have a merry christmas and a happy new year, Shaeress will have better pictures. 😉

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