Monday Miniatures: Townsfolk


In the words of one frequent contributor, this week’s mini ” I can see why this one didn’t make it to retail release, due to the poor facial features.  Also, the baby’s head looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll…” You have got to see some of the creepy paint jobs that ensued on such an innocent seeming model.

This weekend I was traveling for work. On the bright side that means I’ll spend next week in Florida; unfortunately that means I’ll probably have as much time to paint next weekend as I did this weekend, which is to say, none.


Magnus chose the brightest color scheme, and also painted the angriest baby. I mean seriously, look at that guy, he’s definitely out for blood. This mini might not have much detail, but the paint job has tons of personality.

mother Arjen

Arjen’s cheerful color scheme combined with the hollow eyes kinda give me the creeps. He was in a hurry, and wasn’t too enthused by this weeks models, but the effect looks almost intentional – like pod people.


Dirk was building up a good color scheme, but ran out of time for detailing. Note – this is how good Dirk can make a mini look in two hours. I know – I hate him too. I love the linen on the mother though – it’s a hard color to pull off.

Orc Berserker – Please send pictures to by 2100 MDT on 10/12/14

High Wizard


TBD – Let’s get some suggestions in the comments (links please)

TBD – Let’s get some suggestions in the comments (links please)

I’ll be back soon, so let’s get some ideas out for more minis to paint.

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6 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Townsfolk

  1. Ha! The psycho-baby was completely accidental! I was just glad to get so many pairs of eyes pointing in the same direction… 😛

    I couldn’t tell if the mother was supposed to have sleeves (they’re very slender arms with no details), so I commited to a “sleeveless” look. I started second-guessing myself toward the end, but didn’t want to go back and redo it. At that point, I was feeling kind of “done” with this figure.

    @Dirk: I like the blonde hair on your figure, it’s a nice shade without going too far to either yellow or brown. What colors did you use?

  2. I must agree: the angry baby is great! But I like the other faces too. Magnus managed to get a nice smile on the mother´s face.

    @Magnus: I used a (nearly) 1:1 mix of daemonic yellow and desert yellow from arly painter warpaints, that is: a dark yellow mixed with light brown. In this way it isn´t too yellow. The remaining mix i used for the dress of the grandmother, though she isn´t finished yet.
    After that i used the army painter quick shade: soft tone (a light brown wash) to get the shading between the hairs. I want to add some highlights if i get the time.

    @David: My vote for “next mini” goes to
    771149 Damien

    Also I would like to paint some lizards, i.e.
    77154 Lizardman Spear
    or 77155 Lizardman Club

    Hope they´re not done yet.

  3. My miniature suggestion would be the flesh golem, but that is purely because I feel like painting it up and submitting it -laughs-
    Had to skip on the townsfolk but the orc I have already started work on as it is looks like a really cool motivator to paint bones.

  4. I would vote for flesh golem, but I just want to paint it up -laughs-

    I was going to join in for this week as a motivational thing but I couldn’t bring myself to paint these yet and started messing around with converting them into doll people (adding in faux ball joints and stuff, thinking of putting a wire suspended marionette)
    Should be able to join in for the Orc Berserker though 😀

    Love the site

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