Monday Miniatures: Dragoman

03436_w_1This week we paint a dragon man, with mmixedresults.

Basius – has launched a second round. Contributor Jessica liked these the first go around, and so it would seem, does Magnus. See – he’s famous. I might pick up one or two.



I tried to do a high contrast red dragon-blue steel color scheme. It could have turned out better.


Magnus went for a gold NMM color scheme, which might be one of the hardest around to pull off succesfully. You can see some great shading in the cloak and the leg plates though.

dragoman Arjen

Arjen had the metal mini painted a while ago, and so he painted the bones version to ontrast. I think they both look great, and though you can see that the metal has more detail (especially in the head)you can see his painting skills have improved since his first attempt.


Antonia went with an aquatic motiff, that shows real depth of color. The liquid greenstuff turned kelp looks outstanding as well.

Townsfolk (mother) – Please send pictures to by 2100 MDT on 10/05/14

Orc Berserker

High Wizard


TBD – Let’s get some suggestions in the comments (links please)

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3 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Dragoman

  1. Hi David Munch. My armor was done with a layer of army-type green, then a lot of mud wash (old citadel brown wash) and then highlights with a cheat mix of the same green with some sand color and a bit of gold (hence: cheat) mixed in. I find that sand color mixed with gold is a very good way to get a less shiny gold color.

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