Monday Miniatures: Something Familiar


This week we take another crack at a whole pile of themed minis. The familiar bundle was one of the final stretch goals for the Kickstarter. Though we still have a long way to go, it does make for a nice milepost.


Between the flu, and the poor sculpt quality, I had little luck making any of these come out the way I wanted. Bones (in my opinion) really shine when it comes to the low cost very large models. As a material, it does no kindnesses to small pieces of details. The wolf is the only one I’m even a little happy with.

Magnus Familiars

Magnus had a wonderful variety of color schemes. I think that his fire bat is especially cool, though I do love the house cat inspired by a certain mount of He-Man.

Group of Familiars Collage

Kylie’s bases really steal the show on this one. I mean her painting is great, especially the eagle, but to take the time to craft each of these little tiny mini’s a custom base of their own? Really outstanding work.


Bettina did a wonderful job, both in the quality and variety of her colors. Her fairy dragon is my favorite of the bunch, though I love the ferret too.


Last but not least we have Dirk’s contribution. The fox is basically amazing. You don’t really know just how amazing until you see just how tiny that mini really is.

Bat Swarm – I think this is one of the weakest minis in the entire bones collection. Let’s see what we can do to fix that. Please send pictures to by 2100 MDT on 7/27/14

Oxidation Beast

Goblins – Week 1, WIP shots

Goblins – Week 2, Finishing the Horde


The Black Mist

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7 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Something Familiar

  1. I’m amazed at the details you guys managed to pick out on the figures! There’s a nice variety of paint schemes, as well. I was surprised at how well my own faerie dragon came out.

  2. I like the familiar minis – now there are more than enough reasons to play a wizard 😉 – and it is astonishing how divers they came out!

    @Magnus: the baby-battle cat is my favourite of your minis. Would like to see a grown up – but sadly there are no bones big cats, but perhaps in the future?

    @Kylie: nice bases, a lot of work for such small minis – how did you sculpted the water and snow?

    @Bettina: I like the cats (again – yes, i´m a cat-person;)), but the ferret is also cute. It´s just awesome that the tiny cats have pupils!

      • There was a large cat in the original 30 of Bones 2 or there is a lion and lioness in the First Extension… so definitely an option to have a grown up one.

    • @Dirk
      The ferret/Fairy dragon bases were built with cork and then painted (including the water). I then used gloss modge podge for the water, it is a white paste but dries clear. I just did one thick layer and let it dry over night. when it applied it was about 2-3mm thick but it dried closer to 1-2mm in thickness. I am curious to see if I can apply another layer without losing quality.

      To make the snow and the “foam” on the rapids I mixed bi-carb with PVA glue until it had consistence like toothpaste. Then I just applied it where I wanted. Just make sure you use pure bi-carb – I tried it with baking power on another model and it did not come out well.

      There are more photos of all of them on my blog.

  3. I really enjoyed painting these little guys and I have been looking forward to seeing what everyone has done with them – and they look great!

    @Dirk – I love your fox! It looks amazing! Fantastic even. I really like your fire elemental too, we both went for the heat at the centre and working its way out however I think you pulled it off much better than I did.

    @Bettina – your Faerie Dragon is awesome as are your other familiars, I wasnt very happy with the quality of the cat model but you really brought it to life. That mushroom, did you make it? if so how?

  4. @Kylie – The mushroom is from a H0/1:87 scale model train supply box made by a german manufacturer called BUSCH, containing various mushrooms and ferns. I’m not that good, unfortunately.
    I like Your water, snow and lava bases, they are awesome.

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