Monday Miniatures: Snake Demon


Despite the fact that there are literally hundreds of small minis that came with this particular kickstarter, project there are a couple of minis that stand out. One of them is this week’s model. All of the snake models are particularly detailed, but scales aside, this model still qualifies as intricate. Everywhere you look are little details of jewelry and quirks of design.

If you really scrutinize the picture to the left you will see the skull just peaking out from beneath her tail for instance. If you peak below the fold though, you will see entirely different details.

Alas, I saw no projects to call out this week, so let’s go straight to the minis.


Though I made good progress this week, life proved too hectic for me to complete this particular paint job on time. I want to do a better job on the highlights, the hilts, and some color variation in the scales before I call it good. I chose the same color scheme as an earlier snake mini (pictured in the background) to what I think at least, is a good effect.

Magnus Snake

Magnus went with an altogether cleaner color scheme that would best be described as gilded. I think he did an especially good job on the eyes this week.

Marilith Arjen

Arjen says they are not finished, but so far this mini looks outstanding. It is definitely calling back to the demon roots of this model. Great work Arjen!

MM Snake Demon_k


Last we have Antonia’s mini. Per her stated goal, I think she has done an outstanding job of nailing Kali. The skulls and the tropical base are a nice tough, but even without that, the color scheme would have called up the image to me. The foliage looks great Antonia, but wherever did you get such detailed little skulls to make her necklace with?

Hell Hound – Send pictures to by 5/11/14 at 9pm.

Undead Horde – a consistent theme I’ve seen in recent posts is just how long these mini’s are taking people to paint. This week let’s take a crack at all the skeletons we have stacked up. Base coat. Shade. Dry brush. Highlight. Try to get your technique down to less than half an hour a mini and see if you can knock out at least three of these little guys (we were shipped six.)

Terrain – We’ve been showing off lots of miniatures these last few months, but you need some terrain too play with them. Show us all what you’re working on.

Ape-X – one of the last big models left in the Vampire package.



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6 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Snake Demon

  1. Everyone has been doing such great work! I feel bad that havent been able to paint lately. I hope to start again soon…

    David – I really think your skill has improved so much since you started Monday Miniatures. Id love to see your snake demon finished 🙂

    Antonia – your painting just blows me away! I really think the skulls were a nice touch.

    Magnus – I really like how clean your model is – sometimes simple really does just stand out! I think you did really well with the shadows on the abdomen

    Arjen – the blue is really unique colour scheme that I think has turned out really well. 🙂

  2. Hey all, great minis everyone! I especially liked Arjen’s colour scheme – since the mini itself reminded my so strongly of Kali, I like the “Living statue” look your blue colors invoke!
    @David: Sorry for the late answer – I used skulls by a company named “Tabletop Art” which sells resin cast bits & pieces. For the neclace I carved down one of those until it fit, since although the skulls are quite delicate and small, they still look quite large worn around the neck.

    Btw, you asked for MM suggestions:
    – Sea lion
    – Tiik warrior/ tiik champion (the fish people)
    – Damien
    – Harpy
    – overladen henchman
    – gnoll or bugbear

    I hope those are from the vampire pack, I’m not sure about all of them, but perhaps you get some ideas on minis you could choose for Mini Monday 🙂

  3. @antonia damien and harpy are core (and on my list of proposed minis as well!) others are add-ons. Tiik champion i bought later, so i would not mind that one, but i dont know if others have it. Overladen henchman/trader was already a monday miniature.

    • I have the Deep Dwellers set, so I wouldn’t mind if they showed up in the rotation. However, there are plenty of Vampire set figures left, if the crew wants to stick with those. My harpy still needs to be painted, so I like that suggestion from Antonia. 😉

      Also, I didn’t realize the Overladen Henchmen had already been completed, either; I assume it was one of the early figures from before I knew of Monday Miniatures. That’s a shame, as that’s one of the few figures I have in metal as well as Bones, and neither one is finished… 😛

      • I don’t believe it has, on account of mine still being unpainted.

        In general I’m trying to stick to the vampire set, because I know everyone has them.

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