Monday Miniatures: Darkrasp

02957_GThis week we delve into yet another evil sorcerer. If you’re noticing that we’ve been painting a lot of those the last couple months, it is because we have. There are a couple reasons why this is the case. One is because there were a lot in the vampire package, and another is because they are a lot of fun to paint. There isn’t anything deeper or more sinister than that, probably…

Creature Caster – Want some mini’s so large and detailed they can’t be called mini’s? Then this project might be for you. You owe it to yourself to go check out how awesome that dragon is, at the very least.

David Scroll

This week my color scheme was once again chosen using the appropriate-colors-I-haven’t-used-in-a-while-technique. It’s pretty complicated, I know, but you get the hang of it after a while. I could certainly have used more time on the cloak, but I’m pretty pleased with how the rest turned out.

tallghost darkrasp

Tallghost also joins us this week. He did a much better job on the cloak than I did, but he also nailed the face. The expression is perfect for this mini. Keep it up!


Dirk goes with a slightly more muted color scheme this week, evoking thoughts of plague and disease in his mini. The creeptastic base certainly reinforces this image.


Magnus, in a similar vein, went with a very earth toned color scheme. From this one I’m getting more of a hermit vibe than a necromancer one though.


And Clint sent us this example of necromantic sorcererhood.  Nice not-quite-black.

Arjen has one more necromancer for us this week. I like subtle color scheme on this one, and the excellent blending. Great job.

Village Rioter – Let’s see some OSL this week. Send pictures to by 4/27/14 at 9pm.

Snake Demon

Hell Hound

Undead Horde – a consistent theme I’ve seen in recent posts is just how long these mini’s are taking people to paint. This week let’s take a crack at all the skeletons we have stacked up. Base coat. Shade. Dry brush. Highlight. Try to get your technique down to less than half an hour a mini and see if you can knock out at least three of these little guys (we were shipped six.)

Terrain – We’ve been showing off lots of miniatures these last few months, but you need some terrain too play with them. Show us all what you’re working on.

Ape-X – one of the last big models left in the Vampire package.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Darkrasp

  1. Actually, my inspiration was the Cult of the Yellow Sign (from the Cthulhu mythos). I backed the Cthulhu Wars KS, and have been eagerly following it while awaiting fulfillment (which has sadly been pushed back to September).

    I really like the colors you used, David; your figure comes off as a decaying necromancer or lich-to-be!

    • I knew it!
      The first impression I got when seeing this figure was “king in yellow”. Funny to know that I was right. very creepy if you know who the king in yellow is, very nice.

      @all: nice sinister minis!

  2. Hi all, my picture actually shows two versions. First i painted it with a grey beard, but i found it rather dull, so then i made the middle version.
    This week, Magnus has the one that makes me go Oh wow! A very inspired choice of color and well executed. As a DM, I like Davids version best, as it will definitely give players the creeps if you put it on the table.

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