A Wardenclyffe Update

This week is exceptionally hectic for me. Work is basicly devouring my life.

Over the last decade, I remember wondering why so few people accomplished their dream projects. It always seemed to me that the income streams that came with professional employment would catalyse them, and help those dreams reach fruition. It turns out that things aren’t quite so simple. More on this another time.

I am currently working on a longer and more comprehensive update for the backers to be sent out in the near future, but the short answer is:

  • With the exception of three physical checks I need to put in the mail and 2 backers who need to respond to further questions, all backers have been repaid.
  • Caffeineforge is currently broke thanks to taxes and refunds.
  • We are currently starting to hunt for talent to lay the ground work for a relaunch of the project later this year. We are _this_ close to being able to close out the books on the last project.

I would prefer that we were working on the launch of our second or third project and charging full steam ahead, but perseverance is valuable too, and I am confident that this time we will succeed.

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One thought on “A Wardenclyffe Update

  1. I can’t wait to get behind and support phase 2! This is an extremely worthy project and I am glad a small stumble hasn’t stopped you from persevering (not that I ever thought it would). Keep the updates coming and let us know when we can start sharing that “donate” link again!!

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