Monday Miniatures: Leisynn


This week’s mini is Leisynn, thrower of snakes. At least, that’s what I think his profession is. He might also be a skull model. There are at least 10 on his outfit. The point is that he is an interesting character, and this week our painters have all painted him different from each other’s minis. That’s really interesting considering how similar the paint jobs can sometimes turn out.

This week, I have two projects to share. Both are successors to previous projects, and (disapointingly) the rewards of both are mostly things that were funded by the project the first time around.

Drake 2 – is a relaunch for a new faction. As I have not yet gotten any rewards from their first project, which I backed, I can’t imagne they will be getting more of my money anytime soon.

High Heavens – The first project for this creator does not appear to have been shipped either, though he is “almost ready” What is this world coming to. Still, nice sculpts – worth looking at.

David Mage

This week the tattered cloth on this week’s evil mage was a lot of fun to paint. Unlike most models, where there is one or two dominant color schemes, this week Leisynn’s robe was every color of the rainbow. I went with a King-in-Yellow look myself, and accept for the mold lines and poor detail on the horns/head dress, this guy was a lot of fun to paint.


Arjen went with a fiery red/orange palette, and I think it turned out great.

Magnus - Copy

Magnus went with color colors, and an albino snake. Incidentally, Magnus – your beard turned out wonderful.


Antonia chose a dark skinned heathen mage in red, green, and bronze. I love the base on this one yet again, especially the crab. Nice touch.


Duze went with a high contrast red/blue color scheme that seem’s as chilly as Arjen’s seemed fiery.


Jessica went with a deep forest green as her dominant scheme. The book is the real show stealer though. The cover looks convincingly like leather, and the pages are wonderful parchment. Great job Jessica.

It seems that this week we used every color but purple. Maybe a late entry will help us out with that.

Show us your army! – this week will be the first week in our new schedule, where once a month we go off the vampire menu, and this week I want to see your army. Warmachine? 40k? Dreadball? It’s up to you. It doesn’t need to be finished – but show us what you are working on. Send your picture to by 2/16/14

Mangu Timur

Marsh Troll


Hydra – Part 1 A model this big I want to take two weeks on. Week 1 will be prep and base coating. This week I want to see everyone’s WIP shots. You have 6 weeks till this project, if you don’t have a hydra, you should consider picking one up.

Hydra – Part 2 A whole week just to detail work think about it. I expect to see some really spectacular results from this one. Come on people – this is the week to blow me away

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3 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Leisynn

  1. David, I like the shading in the robe. You have bright yellow, but still manage to give it the worn look this figure needs. Antonia: A Pirate? (speechless) Magnus: great hair indeed. Duze: I like almost everything about your mini. Great detail in the waistband and the hair, nice color scheme and making the skulls whiter than the horns is definitely more realistic. Jessica: flawlessly executed, as always.

  2. Haha! “Thrower of snakes”! It does kind of look like he’s going, “Ugh! Get off my staff!” 😛

    David, you did an amazing job on the yellow robe! Yellow is always a difficult color for me to work with, so kudos on both the color range and the intensity.

    I think this week has probably been my favorite so far, both due to the variety and skill of the submissions. I think we’re collectively showing improvement!

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