A Classic Surrealist RPG on Bundle of Holding

ote_adI’ve already shared my thoughts on the awesome that is Bundle of Holding, the site that creates bundles of tabletop games and gaming related fiction to support worthy charities.  The latest bundle is giving everyone the opportunity to own Over the Edge, a game near and dear to my heart, at unbeatable price.  Peek below the fold to learn about the weather the cuckoo likes.

Over the Edge is a game of conspiracy, horror, and surrealism.  The brainchild of veteran game designer, Jonathan Tweet, Over the Edge games take place on Al Amaraja, a fictive post-capitalist- revolution Mediterranean island nation, on which practically every conspiracy of note is coming to a head (pretty much all at once).  Over the Edge may be one of the earliest examples of descriptive character creation, where players define their characters on their own terms (the best contemporary example might be Fate’s aspects), and there are no limits.  Neurosurgeon by day, super spy by night?  Sure, that fits in Al Amaraja.  Modern occultist or C.I.A. trained psychic?  Totally doable.  Fallen angel or rogue hell-spawn?  Why not?  It’s that kind of game.

Even if the system isn’t your cup of tea (though it’s simple, elegant, deadly, and fun), the setting material in the core book and supplements is some of the most inspired in tabletop gaming.  That might have something to do with Tweet’s inspirations.  William S. Burroughs and Philip K. Dick are among the core inspirations of the setting, coloring it with shades of isolation, schizophrenia, paranoia, and surrealism.  Few games let you role play your way through the DSM-5 with as much style and panache!  Combined with unforgettable characters, locales, and plot hooks, Over the Edge is worth picking up for brain fodder alone.

As one of the earliest “art games,” Over the Edge was among the earliest games to successfully deviate from the tried and true patterns of it’s early 90’s contemporaries, which were by and large still working off a formula that was defined in the 70’s.  Now’s your chance to own a piece of gaming history, DRM-free, and at a low, low price.  You’ve still got seven days, but don’t wait!  I’ll be seeing you on the Edge…

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