Monday Miniatures: Goblins!


Here there be Goblins! This week we see several different visions of what a goblin should be?

Oh? You thought all goblin looked alike?

Racist. Take a look below, if your intolerance allows you to.

Crossover Miniatures – This is the only project I have seen this week. Other than it being the only one to be posted this week, there isn’t much to be said for it.

This model was a lot of fun to paint. My favorite pathfinder creation is actually their goblins, and getting to paint them was a real pleasure. The bones material made it difficult to parse out what decorations were connected to what, but ultimately it worked out just fine.


Antonia and her husband found the Pippi Longstocking of the goblin world. That is some read hair.


Magnus submitted what I think is his finest work on this blog so far. Great work!

Magnus - Copy

Arjen went with a very dirty color scheme, and it came out great.


Jessica, by contrast went with a very stylized color scheme, and it also came out great.


Kylie’s color scheme I think came out looking the most coherent and balanced. I would love to see a whole unit painted just like this.


Vermin SwarmΒ Β –Β Send your pictures to before 2100 MST on 1/13!


Male Storm Giant



Show us your army! – this week will be the first week in our new schedule, where once a month we go off the vampire menu, and this week I want to see your army. Warmachine? 40k? Dreadball? It’s up to you. It doesn’t need to be finished – but show us what you are working on.

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20 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Goblins!

  1. Although I didn’t participate this week, I’m still happy to see all those entries. It looks like the world is going to be overrun by some nasty little goblins quite soon…!

    – Magnus: I like your tone-in-tone, it looks really realistic to me!

    – Arjen: I’m curious: Are you the same Arjen that wrote in the Bones II Kickstarter “chat” (= comment section)? If yes: Nice to see you again! Otherwise: Nice to meet you! And thanks to you the poor lass got some clothes, the mini looks quite different, but still good this way!

    – Jessica: Brilliant effect, the colors are really popping out!

    – Kylie: What is the basing made of? Is it real stone or some modelled putty? I love the rough look!

    So we’re going to show off our armies in future weeks? I’ll have to go, there are some space monsters lurking to be painted πŸ˜€

    • Hi Antonia – The base is actually made with a couple of types of sand and PVA glue. I had my husband trim the original “broccoli base” back at an angle to fit on the black one. Then covered the edges with a large grain sand. (Its actually for fish tanks that I picked up at Discount Daves – similar to your Dollar Store) I did a couple layers of this until it was level with the broccoli base. Then I coated the whole thing in fine sand (I got off the beach) and covered it all in PVA glue to seal it. Most of my bases are done in a similar manner.
      Hope this makes sense. If you have any questions just ask πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Antonia! I’d chalk it up to the camera being kind to me, rather than any skill on my part… πŸ˜›

      I am pleased with how my figure came out, especially considering that I’m not familiar with the source material. Seeing everyone else’s excellent work lets me know I wasn’t too far off the mark. The Pathfinder goblins remind me of the gremlins (from the movie Gremlins), so that was my inspiration.

  2. Great job folks! You have all become a guilty pleasure of mine, thanks for making Mondays cool. πŸ™‚

  3. Antonia-yes, i was the guy begging for a bones pack mule. I found this site through the bones KS forum, actually.
    Jessica-The rust is really simple: one layer of a mix of orange and silver and then highlighting with normal silver on the non-frayed edges. oh, and a little drybrushing with brown for the part connecting the blade with the handle to give that part a slightly more corroded feel.
    David-When i get photos like you got for your goblin, i put a sheet of colored paper behind my mini, and suddenly the camera will have less light behind the mini and show you all the contrast, like i did with all my photos for this blog.
    All-I really cannot pick a winner this time, excellent work everyone!

  4. I’m falling behind! I’ll knuckle down and try to get some painting done this week so I can be back in action for next week. Some really nice looking goblins, everyone – there’s something to like about each of them, but I gotta say I like the richness of Jessica’s colors a bunch – very eye-catching.

    I’m excited to see some of the armies coming up in a few weeks! I won’t have much to show off by then, but I’ll have a few pieces ready to go!

  5. Like Joseph, I love looking at everyone’s minis on Tuesday morning (I’m in Australia). This weeks are so well done.

    David – Thanks for the compliments πŸ™‚ I’m not sure I would have the patience for a whole unit of these little guys – she was fiddly.

    Jessica your detail is amazing and I love how bright yours is.

    As for the Army days – I dont play 40k or Warhammer so I dont really have an army to work on. My husband does but he is supposed to be painting that. However I would find it cool to see what everyone else is working on. Plus I have a few minis that weren’t in the core set that I could be working on!

    • Then have your husband show off his army! Also, do you have many of the Big minis? I was thinking about scheduling the Hydra one week. It’s outside the core, but I really enjoyed painting the griffon.

      • As addons we got: Deathsleet, Clockwork dragon, Forces of Nature, Nethyrmaul, Hydra, Kaladrax (My husband has said he want to paint this one) & C’Thulhu. We may have gone overboard (& even more so on the 2nd KS! >.<)
        I asked Michael (my husband) about showing off his army & he is interested, though he will need to get painting. He is slacker than me! Maybe it will give him the push he needs.

        Based on your list is your first Army day going to be in 5 weeks (after Leisynn)?

      • I got one of everything, so I feel your pain. Maybe I’ll arrange a couple of monstrous painting weeks, afterall.

        5 weeks until armies. He doesn’t need to have the whole thing painted. Just a mini or two to show his color scheme/plan would be more than sufficient.

    • I don’t have any armies either (at least, none that I actively play), but I figure it might be a good chance to look through some older figures I’ve painted and show some of my past work, if nothing else.

      That said, I backed Wrath of Kings on KS, so eventually I will be getting several armies to paint! No idea on the ETA for those, though.

      • @David: I ckecked the KS page ant it says the recent Wrath of Kings is due on May 2014, so they seem to be in schedule. Nice miniatures, btw, fortunately I didn’t see the KS while it was running. I (we) already spent way too much on Bones II πŸ˜€

      • They’ve been posting pictures of the finalized models, and refining the rules a bit. I think it’s still too early to say whether or not they’ll hit their target date, but I’m hopeful.

  6. Hi everyone. I know I’m late to the party this week. But I am a new painter, i’ve bought some supplies(few brushes, and some paints). I think that this might not be a bad place to start. As i really like all the levels of painting I see on this blog week after week. I’d like to give it a shot on a miniature i’m not too invested in.

    So the Vermin Swarm is this monday’s i’m obviously not going to make that one. are the following week ones: Strumpet, Male Storm Giant, Wench, Leisynn. So i could order it and try my hand out at it?


    • That’s absolutely correct. Pick up a couple bones from reaper at the links provided below, get some basic paint, and a brush and then join the rest of us. We’d welcome the company.

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