Candid Crowdfunders


Two years ago I didn’t even suspect that there was such a thing as crowdfunding. Last year you had to dig deep to find out much about the topic, beyond whatever project was hot of course; I know because we here at Caffeineforge were digging for every scrap of information to give us an edge.

Today, while not quite ubiquitous, it is certainly much more common to see news stories or advertisements for crowdfunding without looking too hard.

Moving to a large city might have something to do with it, but I regularly see notices and flyers for Kickstarting projects now. Last week I was asked if I would speak to a local group about a running a successful Kickstarting project! I Had to decline due to a schedule conflict, but it was definitely an indicator of how far this phenomena has come.

20131006_115028 (1)

A few weeks ago I saw this beauty at my FLGS. According to this, my backing of Reaper’s project saved me at least $225, and that is still a deal that is well below actual retail.


Last night on a date though, I caught this little gem in the bathroom of a coffee shop. A Kickstarter launch party – very creative. I can’t say I’m interested in the project, but in the name of research I might just have to stop by and see how successful they are. Hmmm…..

What about the rest of you? Has crowdfunding reared it’s head unexpectedly in anyone elses life?

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One thought on “Candid Crowdfunders

  1. I think kickstarting and crowdfunding more generally are going to be major features of our economic communities broadly speaking. The idea of Capitalism with a Cause just seems like it will naturally appeal to people who want to get out from only funding super corporations, whilst ignoring the little guy.

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