Monday Miniatures: Galedon


The reason I love doing this column is so regularly emphasized by the emails I get with pictures of people’s painting efforts. So often I am told that the mini probably would have never been finished, or that a particular artist might have not gotten any painting done at all this week, except for this artificial deadline.

I feel their pain. I certainly wouldn’t have done any painting this week if not for the target.

Proxy War – Though this project holds no special appeal for me in it’s content, its concept is a harbinger for the beginning of the end of traditional mini companies. Printing high detailed customized models in color and on demand? Crazy.

Tinman – This project is a relaunch from a couple weeks ago.

Shadows of Brimstone – This is a boardgame with a great many minis.

Battleboards – These projects seem to be doing much better. Want a playing surface for your wargaming – this one is for you.

Terrain Pig – A better than average wargame project.


This week blue was by far the most popular color scheme, only a single artist eschewed it entirely. I spent less than an hour on this mini as I had a friend from out of town visiting. Given those constraints I am really pleased with how well this mini turned out.


Next up we have Clint. He went with a high contrast color scheme that came out wonderfully. I love the smooth gradients on this one.


Magnus came the closest to painting Gandalf the grey.


William chose a popular color scheme but with a great deal more detail than I put into my mini.


Tonya took it a step further, painting a stellar-scape into her cloak – truly amazing work there. This is definitely my favorite this week.


Niels chose blue and yellow rather than the more popular blue and red.

David Miles

Mr Miles chose to paint Fizban from the War of the Lance. I love the inspiration.


Last, but certainly not least we have Jessica who bucked all the trends and painted a red wizard with wonderful depth of color. Truely outstanding job.

The Female Cloud Giant – this one should be a lot of fun.




Stone Golem


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12 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Galedon

  1. Big fan of “Monday Miniatures.” Everyone always does such a great job! 🙂 Keep up the awesome!

    • Thanks! I was certainly tempted to paint mine up like Fizban, he’s such a great sculpt for it. Already have a model serving that purpose in our current DragonLance campaign, though, so Galedon was freed up for experimentation!

  2. I didn’t notice that I had missed the eyes until after I sent the picture. Guess I need to go do a touch-up. 😛 I really like the aged-bronze look of the staff on William’s submission!

    • Thanks, Jessica – I really dig the reds on your version! I’ve been looking for a chance to try out that star fabric idea, and Galedon was a great chance to do so since he’s not already spoken for in terms of a character for our game group. I’m sure he’ll find some kind of purpose now that he’s painted and ready to go 🙂

  3. Is it something about the model that has too-much paint on all the hats? It looks good, but a little-bit adorable.

      • I’m not sure. It just looks super-heavy and soft, around the brim. I like it. It’s cute-as-hell.

      • Yep, that’s definitely a feature of the model. The brim of the hat is actually a bit on the thick side in the sculpt. I rather like it, except for how hard it makes his face to paint!

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