My Cup Runneth Over


I think a couple weeks ago I said I was having one of those weeks. Well, it’s still true.

I don’t mean I’m having another one of those weeks – I mean that I’m still having the same week. It is now one of those months, and I’m having trouble coming up for air.

Don’t get me wrong – almost all of it is either positive, or will eventually be positive. I’m just overwhelmed.

If you feel my pain or are puzzled by how there really could be to much of a good thing, keep reading past the fold.

When I started getting into this whole Kickstarter thing I told myself I was planting seeds – that I was investing in the future. The thought was that I could buy I support small creators and preorder awesome things (because even though Kickstarter isn’t a store, it really kind of is) at bargain basement prices, and that when they delivered I would be able to enjoy my geeky-wealth guilt free, even if I didn’t really NEED it.

I did all this thinking that in 2013 I would still be living in my apartment, at my previous job, with plenty of free time on my hands. I forgot to include the prospect of moving into my calculations, and well – when it rains, it pours.

In the month of July I have received three board games, and my bones, increasing the number of board games I really want to try, but have yet to find the time from 2 to 5, and lets not even get started on all the minis I need to paint.


What is the moral of my story besides me complaining about my embarrassment of riches?

I read stories online all too often about how projects don’t deliver, or they deliver late. I just thought I would add some balance to that and talk about how many projects have delivered lately for me. Of the 100+ Kickstarter’s I have backed, I am really only disappointed in 2 of them, and that $20 isn’t even enough to offset how happy I am with Reaper’s recent delivery.

How about you – what are your recent experiences with crowdfunding fulfillment like – flood or drought?

Side note: Even though he didn’t ask me to (and looks likely to succeed with or without a shoutout,) regular commenter Brian in Arizona is running a Kickstarter to support a worthy cause. Take a look and Kick in a dollar. You have no idea how much a dollar helps in these sorts of things. 

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2 thoughts on “My Cup Runneth Over

  1. Thanks, David. The SEEDs for Autism Kickstarter is doing even better than I expected, but once we have our goal, we’re shooting for an industrial sewing machine or two, so I’m still shaking the trees all I can. If anyone has any questions about SEEDs or the project, feel free to ask.

    As to the cup, mine overflows as well. I’ve gotten Boss Monster, Dungeon Roll, Pirates vs Dinosaurs, and a couple of comics that I backed all in the last couple of weeks. I finally got to play Boss Monster this last weekend, and it was good enough that it’ll offset a couple of disappointments. But yeah, with all that, the Kickstarter has been swallowing my time of late. And yesterday took my health down, which was fun.

    Still, if I ever find myself complaining that things are TOO good, I hope someone will punch me in the junk.

  2. I am in the opposite boat… Not moving this year for the first year out of the last five. Got a couple new games and more on the way, can’t wait to try them out (not to mention focus on writing)

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