No Time for Nerdity

nerdWe here at Caffeineforge are… well, I’d say ‘reasonably good’ at sticking to a schedule.   So you’ve probably noticed that this post is late.  Mea culpa.  Mea maxima culpa.  Frankly, it’s been a week with no time for nerdity.  It’s not the first and it won’t be the last, and it bums me out.

As a consultant, busy-ness comes in waves, and may mean different things at different times.   Unpredictability is the name of the game, but my willingness to drop the trappings of a “normal life” and travel or to put my head down and get to work helps keep the lights on, as well as splurge on the occasional pleasure (like a over-backing a highly anticipated Kickstarter project).  All in all, my complaints are few (for the time being, at least), but there is one thing that really does stick in my craw: I feel like I can’t commit to a gaming group.


The reality is that there may be a local group nearby that wouldn’t mind me missing every other session for one work-related reason or another.  But it would drive me up the wall to know that I’m leaving them hanging, or that I’m missing out on adventures week after week.


Now, I am fortunate in that I do get to play an online Shadowrun game with some old friends.  They understand that my schedule is somewhat unpredictable and make allowances for it, but it’s still a strain to accommodate my frequent absences, and it annoys me to have to catch up with the goings on by reading logs.  Still, I’m grateful for the outlet, and still I want more.


For one thing, I miss running games.  I love long running campaigns, replete with character development and plot arcs.  The ability to sit around the tablet for a weekly session is gone (for the time being at least), but I have a temporary solution: I plan on running the occasional Pathfinder module for the aforementioned group.  While I’ve never been one for running premade adventures, I figure it will enable me to sit in the GM chair once in a while, without taxing my ability to prepare.  After Pathfinder, who knows?  I’ve wanted to fool around a bit with Rogue Trader (it has modules too…), and I know I’ll run the Exalted 3E quickstart when it comes down the pike.


As for face-to-face gaming, I’ve found that I’m playing more board games than ever.  I’m not nearly the board gamer that some of my friends are, but I appreciate that they’ve enabled me to play games with friends who may be as equally busy as myself.  In fact, I find that the lion’s share of my FLGS money has been going to board games, while my Kickstarter funds seem largely dedicated to roleplaying games these days… Of course, in both cases, I’m probably (read: definitely) buying more games than I can reasonably expect to play in my current circumstances, in large part due to wanting to feel connected to a the community of gamers writ large.  It’s a sad state of affairs really.


I’m curious if any of you have found yourselves in the same boat, juggling an over abundance of responsibility with your desire to nerd out on a semi-regular schedule?  I’d love to know how you manage to squeeze more gaming into your routine—especially if your routine is lacking… routine.  Leave a comment and help a brother out…


We’ll be back on schedule next week, when I’ll show you around RPG superstar Jenna Moran’s latest Kickstarter project, and we examine Kickstarter fatigue in niche communities.  See you then.

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