Monday Miniatures: Re-Heated Edition


What a week. I’ll be honest – it is entirely possible that I missed one or more miniature related projects this week. I’ve spent most of my time packing and planning and all that. Someone needs to Kickstart a way to make moving less painful. Seriously.

Back to the topic at hand though, both projects I did find have one thing in common. They have both successfully funded very similar projects in the not too distant past. Can there be too much of a good thing? Being that both of them have already funded, the crowdfunding audience would seem to be saying no (but then anyone familiar with the playing card phenomena knows that.)

Impudent Mortal: This is another laser cut terrain project. My favorite part? They call the project “impudent-mortals-tabletop-gaming-terrain-part-deux” in the link. There are no illusions that they are trying anything new here.

Bomb Shell Minis: After a stellar performance the first time around, the backer response to this (admittedly more limited project) is surprisingly muted. Maybe all of its audience is currently tapped out on another unnamed-female-miniature-project.

Speaking of awesome female minis, check out Jessica’s latest. For two weeks in a row Jessica is perfectly happy to shame the rest of us with the wonderful freehand on her dresses. I’m actually a little jealous.


Clint on the other hand, in a break from his Orks is continuing the work on his Menoth army, with yet another truly awesome example of his custom color scheme.


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