Monday Miniatures: Amateur Hour


Last week I complained about how crowded the field of professional Kickstarters is getting. This week I am (mostly) pleased to say there isn’t much to call professional.

Wait, that came out wrong.

Every miniature related project I saw this week, and there are four of them, are all done by passionate amateurs (talented and otherwise.) Even though some of these projects are a little rough around the edges, it’s nice to see honest-to-god sculpts and molds in a sea of professionally pitched, digitally rendered projects that have been flooding the market.

Laser Cut Terrain – This isn’t the first time we have seen a project in the vein, but I think the product here is above average. If this one fails, it will be because the goal was to high, and the reward levels were too confusing.

Mulkis Leviathan – This creator is trying to raise funds to cast something he has sculpted. Sadly, I think he needs some more practice before he creates something people will be interested in paying for.

Tome of Horrors – Centerstage is back at it with project number three. The sculpts on this one don’t interest me, but even if they did the fact their first Kickstarter project still hasn’t shipped would give me pause in supporting them. Centerstage Miniatures is like the farm league of Kickstarter – they are so close, and yet so far.

Toys for Toys – This project want’s to make generic accessories for your branded minis. The best part of this project is that they show an actual mold. That gives me hope for them, even if their momentum doesn’t

No, I still don’t have anything to show you that I have painted. I have started painting again, but as I am still living out of a hotel, progress is slow. On the bright side though, I have almost a whole unit base coated.

Jessica on the other hand, has completed another Warlock in style.

40K Minis17-001 (1)

Clint is showing off (as always) with a high contrast combo: fire and ice. I think that base looks really stunning. What is your secret Clint?


Laura, like her husband, is also showing off this week when it comes to bases. It’s a lovely model with a warm color scheme to keep the cold at way in a slightly more subtle way (though I don’t usually associate subtlety and pole arms, just for the record.)


Want to share your painting skills with the world? Email me and

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9 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Amateur Hour

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  2. Clint, Laura, and Jessica: awesome as always. Good show!
    Jessica I like your highlights and color use. Your highlights always pop, bold but subtle- good stuff. How much more do you have to go till we see a full army pic?
    Clint, you are just plain badass. I have no clue where some of your minis are from, but the paint jobs are great non-the-less. Where’s the full ork army?
    Laura, I think that’s the first thing I’ve seen you paint. Nice job! Very cool, and it looks like that lady is down for some serious killing. Not sure where the model is from.

    In summary, you guys are awesome, and I can’t wait to see the army pics. Also, you guys make Mondays fun! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Joseph! It will be a while before the whole army is actually finished, my goal is by the end of the year(its a big army). I suspect, however, that could change once we see what new models come out with the new codex which is rumored to be released sometime this year. My husband and I did discover this weekend though that he could field 2000 points completely painted at this point. Sometime soon I may try to take some photos of that 2000 points or some different configurations of smaller rosters.

      Clint-I agree with Joseph on wanting to see a whole army. All of those orcs really look like they desire to be part of a completed army.

  3. I started painting my first miniatures this weekend. Axis Zombies from Dust Tactics. Kinda odd painting grey uniforms onto a grey figure. They’re not quite done yet, but I should have something to show for next time.

  4. Also, welcome Laura, good seeing more people sharing their painting. Your hell knight is lovely. When I see the snow on her base though with that armor I can’t help but think BRRR…..

  5. Clint’s secret to bases is his wife. Just say’n. ;p

    Both of our minis are by Reaper. Mine is slightly modified (and completely different color scheme from what a “hell knight” should be). They were painted to act as specific character minis in a pathfinder campaign we are currently playing so not exactly appropriate to the mini itself.

    I really wanted to try out my snow flock and shot for a frigid look to contrast with the warmer (more holy?) color scheme of the model, so I suppose it came across though I may need to retake the photos with a white or blue background for better effect. 🙂

    • Showing off… hmph!

      And yeah, Laura does about half of my bases. I do some of my own (but I’m usually copying Laura’s techniques… poorly.) Tried some new things on this mini.. my first attempt at OSL and at NMM; I’m pleased with the results, but think I can do better.

      I don’t really have an “army” of orks. Just a bunch of of “da boyz” I got in trade. Despite having hundreds of minis, to this day I have ever only played a single game of 40K — with someone else’s army.

      • Not having the rest of the Orc army seems like a perfectly legitimate reason to buy more minis…..

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