Miniature Mondays: Post Christmas Surge

Imbrian Update

This week, the floodgates seem to have burst on Kickstarter. Granted, a couple of the mini-centric projects I want to discuss have been going strong for a couple weeks now, and slipped under my radar, but there is definitely a surge of interest underway. For me, it started with the above pictured sculpt, an update from one of the many projects I have previously backed (Imbrian Arts.)

I love getting updates showing the work on some project or another slowly proceeding; it reminds me that not only will I eventually get something pretty cool, but the creator is hard at work on their dream – something I think we can all agree is pretty awesome. Anyway, this little guy (jungle goblin #2) rekindled my interest in going through Kickstarter with a fine tooth comb to see what cool projects are out there, in spite of the somewhat lackluster offerings we have been getting the last few weeks.

What I found was that 20% of Kicktraq’s top 20 is currently occupied by miniature heavy projects. Want to know which? Follow me.

This week there are four projects worth mentioning:

  • Rivet Wars – This project was discussed last week, but having raised a quarter of a million dollars at it’s half way point, it is still going strong. Stretch goals continue to be unlocked at a prodigious pace, so be sure to check this one out before it ends; even if you aren’t interested now, you might be later.
  • Beyond the Gates of Antares – Started by some war game heavyweights, this game could be a big one. Currently they have raised 30% of their total goal, which would allow them to create a d10 based sci-fi wargame. This project is still a bit light on details, and I am looking forward to finding out more before the end of the project.
  • Gnomish Adventurer’s Boxed Set – This project is an analog to the projects previous dwarven offering which did gangbusters. I have no intention of supporting it because they have raised over $100k so far, and backed no projects, but you still might want to take a look – I expect this one to do very well. Also, I don’t like gnomes; does that make me a racist?
  • Darklands: World of War – The miniatures in this project are beautiful, but the value proposition seems a bit low. Anyone looking for variety in some flavor of evil/chaos/beast man army might be interested in some of the bits listed here.

This week I have had blessed little time to paint, as I have been completely tied up with work, but I did have time to paint a couple things. Most of them I am keeping under wraps for a little while longer, until I get the basing supplies I ordered in, but this weeks mini paint off was fun. Which one is mine? The one that isn’t awesome (the top one.)

photo (4)

Pit Fighter


Two down, three to go. Next week?

Dark Eldar

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11 thoughts on “Miniature Mondays: Post Christmas Surge

  1. Well, I think Clint beat you on technique, but I love the eighties color scheme of buff-dudes with blue pants and purple mohawks. Very Necromunda-appropriate.

    • I read an article on camouflage last night, which paraphrased, said “don’t paint camo, paint the suggestion of camo, or your mini will come out muddled and messy looking.” I think that same point applies to painting a mini ugly. Going forward, I will try to paint the suggestion of ugly so the finished project comes out looking cleaner.

      Speaking of clean finish – you did an awesome job on this week’s mini, clint.

      • Psst… I think Clint meant the ugly-ass monster you posted in the first pic.

      • Why are you racist against spider-centaur-goblin-jungle-thingies. It’s not ugly, it’s aesthetically-challenged.

        Ugly or not, the sculpts that artist does are amazing.

    • I use my phone camera at 6-8″ with a touch of digital zoom; if it is too close, it can’t focus. I find the key is sufficient lighting. In this case that means two table lamps.

      Clint has a homemade light box, though, and a much nicer setup, in general. Maybe we could convince him to write a post on the subject…

  2. Hey Jeff,

    My secret is photoshop. I’m taking the pic about 8 inches away, then cropping the hell out it later. My digital camera has a “close-up” setting that I rely on heavily. Getting the camera to pull focus correctly is a pain… if it gets the torso in focus, the gun barrel isn’t, and vice versa. I take dozens of pics, hoping one will turn out nice.

    I’ll write a post for the blog, sure. Show off my ghetto lightbox. 🙂

    • And Grayson was correct. I was referring to the Goblin-spider-mutant Ugly. I like David’s Pit Fighter.

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