Mini Monday’s: Bare Bones Post


So I finally got to try out bones. How can that be you ask? Well, it all started when I noticed I was missing a few critical paint colors for something else I was working on, so I went to Reaper, to order some bronze paint. As is so often the case, I walked out with more than that.

Though I mostly stuck to paint pots, getting about a dozen colors I happened to be lacking, I also decided to pick up a mini or two from the bones line so I could see how they paint. Want the scoop? Keep reading.

The short answer is that it was a blast to paint this guy. Just as the rumors say, the bones material needs no primer to paint, though if you use a base coat that is watered down by more than half, you may want to consider priming as the paint slides easily across the smooth surface of the model for the first coat or two.


I had a lot of fun, and was able to try layer subtle washes and dry brushing (note to self: with dry brushing more is less.)I think it turned out really well, but I’ll let the rest of you be the judge.

Worm Front
Worm Back



By request, here is a new picture of the worm. This time I tried a two point lighting scheme and a cheap infinite backdrop (poster board.) I also made sure the camera was in focus. This new picture really shows how well the back turned out, I think.

New Worm

I was asked how I painted this model, so for those of you that are curious I did the following:

  1. Base coat of dark purple watered down two to one.
  2. The back I painted dark brown (3:1), and then I painted the higher spots a medium brown (3:1.)
  3. The front I painted violet (3:1) , and the higher spots magenta (pretty watered down.)
  4. I then drybrushed the back with tan, and then to a lesser degree with white.
  5. The front I drybrushed with pink.
  6. I then rewashed the back with tan, and the front with purple to reduce the effect of the dry brushing, which was too stark.
  7. The mouth was painted dark red, then straight red, and the teeth were painted an off white, highlighted with an off white.
  8. The sides I painted tan, and drybrushed with beige.

As I promised last week, My friend Clint and I decided to do a mini a week, but the same mini (or as close as we could manage.) This week is the ork I promised.


The first picture is mine, and I was happy with how it turned out, but you can see that I was defeated soundly in this round. There’s always next week though, practice makes perfect. My favorite part? That we both chose a bad moon color scheme without prior discussion on the subject.

Ork copy


Next week?

photo (4)

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11 thoughts on “Mini Monday’s: Bare Bones Post

  1. I kinda wish the purple worm’s mouth was more in focus, but the back looks awesome (just can’t see the front details). I love the bones line, but wish they’d add a few more heroes. Just seeing cheap minis makes me happy, after I look at GW’s website for a while.

    • I’m going to try to take some better pictures tonight. A better background, and multipoint lighting should really help (and you know, actually getting the shot in focus…)

      I’m glad you like it though. Are you still painting?

      • I sometimes splash acrylic onto pieces of plastic and push it around with a brush but, if I compared it to your examples? I’m not sure I’d call it painting. I tried to buy and paint an entire Eldar army in one go. It got sloppy by the third Dire Avenger.

      • Thank you for the high praise.

        Personally I feel like I could be doing much better, that’s what my personal goal of a mini a week is about this year. Practice really does make perfect, after all. It also helps not to care, so painting the army you want to play with pride might not be the place to start.

        Consider picking up some cheaper minis to go to town on first.

    • Don’t worry about heroes. March is when their kickstarter minis drop and I’d bet early April at the latest they’ll be on sale for those who didn’t get in on the insane deal. Out of the 250-ish new miniatures for bones the majority are hero types.

      • David, right now there are only 5 hero minis in the Bones collection. But yeah, the kickstarter stuff looks nice. I just don’t particularly like the whole crowd-funding model, so I have to wait until it’s actually in the store.

  2. A mini a week sounds great. I can’t wait to get my kickstarter in March. Will definitely try to submit and check out the latest weekly paintjobs.

  3. Well I’ve finally started the largest piece I’ve ever worked on. The Skorne Battle Engine for Hordes from Privateer Press. . I’ve got some WIP pics, but would rather wait until at least the body of the thing is done to show ya! Can’t wait for my bones as well.. . Wanted to use them for the same thing. . Practice practice practice.

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