Staying Resolute


This time of year the most iconic lists are without a doubt the naughty and nice kind. I’m not much of a Christmas person, so I didn’t get enough presents to really determine which category I fell into. Today I want to talk about the third list – the list of things that so many people make about how next year is going to be different and how the new and improved you will finally be let out to shine.

I’m talking of course about New Year’s Resolutions. Want to hear about mine? Keep reading!

So in 2012 I did most of the right things. I lost weight, started writing more, and made real strides forward on getting published. All of that was done without a single New Year’s Resolution. Truthfully, I’ve never been much of a resolution guy.

This year I thought I would try something new; I thought I would make a few resolutions and see what sticks come the end of the year. At a minimum, it will make for a good post in December of 2013 and who knows – maybe this will be the thing I need to drive me to focus more than I already have to date.

  • Write 200k words of blog posts/stories/scripts/projects. In 2012 I wrote just over 100k.
  • Write at least one piece of prose of high enough quality and polish that I am comfortable sharing it with my loyal readers (that would be you.)
  • Paint one mini a week – With Reaper and a few other Kickstarter’s coming down the pipe, I have to get back into the habit. Maybe this will be a regular feature – how bad did David paint this week.
  • Keep up the blog without missing a single day. This doesn’t mean I will start writing weekends again; it just means that when I owe a post, I will write a post.
  • Publish two comic books. Obviously the first one, The Wardenclyffe Horror, will be out soon enough, but I want to go for the goal and try to publish two in 2013.

If this looks overly ambitious to you, you aren’t alone. I look at those, and have no idea where I will find the time, but hey – the worst I can do is get really close and fail. Arguably that is better than not trying to make progress on any of these issues at all. Anyone else have a resolution they want to own up to? Share the love, and then check back in periodically to let us know how you are doing with it.

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