New High Score!

(Another Update: With one minute to go, it appears that Project Eternity will fall just short of it’s four million dollar goal officially, though when you add in additional Paypal funds it easily surpasses it. Great job Obsidian  and great job to the 70,000+ other backers who traveled this long road with me!)

(Update: Currently our favorite project has gotten $3,841,055, with 2 hours left to go! Lets push our favorite project over the top!)

Earlier this month, I wrote about Project Eternity, and their roaring success – achieving over a million dollars in funding in a single day. Last night they performed another nigh impossible feat – they beat Doublefine’s previous record, in a total nerd eclipse that the entire Kickstarter gaming community no doubt enjoyed watching.

So what does this mean? Tune in and I’ll pretend I have those answers for you!

(Fund The Wardenclyffe Horror!)

Some of you are no doubt saying that this is no big deal, and that both project’s lag far behind the Ouya, but I always say that this is comparing apples to oranges. The Ouya isn’t a game you play – it is a device that plays games, and in that sense belongs with all the rest of the technology products. I mean, sure – you could shoehorn it into the games section, and it was probably better marketing to do so. Based on the following highly scientific criteria though, I would say it has been miscatagorized:

  1. It lacks meeples.
  2. It needs to be plugged into the wall.
  3. You cannot upload it to your computer or mobile device, no matter how hard you try.

So seeing how Project Eternity is now the high dollar project in gaming (fine – video gaming if you insist), what does this mean for the future of games on Kickstarter? Really that depends on the products of the games themselves. I think these ever increasing dollar amounts show that the crowd funding audience is increasing in both breadth (the amount of participants) and depth (the amount those participants are willing to give). Some of them will even give several times while they wait for the rewards to come in, but I think a significant miss by any of these triple C (for crowdfunding) titles will do serious damage to the movement.

That said, I have significant faith in several of the big names (Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Returns, and Project Eternity) as shown by the money I have given each of them. I don’t think there is much to worry about. Between the money they are raking in:

and the endless paths hidden somewhere beneath all that aforementioned money:

I think we are in good hands. Now go give them your money so we can get a second major city!

The Wardenclyffe Horror -- Kicktraq Mini

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