Wardenclyffe Art – Something Tesla this way Comes!

Last week we introduced you to one of the two main characters in The Wardenclyffe Horror. In good conscience though, we couldn’t rightly let another week go by without introducing the other: Nikola Tesla. Though this man, and his many contributions to the world we live in today, needs no introduction to many of our readers, the rest of you are welcome to read the official version here, or the short version here.

Even though all too often the credit goes to Edison, Tesla gives him a run for his money by most any measure. Basically, the modern world would be impossible without many of his inventions, discoveries and patents; he might be the most awesome person who ever lived. Just as there is no better narrator to tell a story (pretty much any story) than Mr Samuel Clemens, there is no one more interesting to inspire a story set in the early twentieth century than Tesla himself.

Though Tesla probably did not actually unleash otherworldly horror during the exploration of obscure scientific principles, who is to say that he didn’t? Wardenclyffe is a pretty spooky place, and until it was torn down, it had all manner of strange stories attributed to it. Over the years, deservedly or not, high strangeness has attached itself to our protagonist, dogged his footsteps throughout his life, and followed him into the grave. Some stories put him at the heart of the Philadelphia Experiment, while others make his role more minor. Stories of death rays and free energy are much easier to find than discussions about whether or not he beat Marconi to the invention of the radio, and the reports that the FBI ransacked his notes shortly after his death appear pretty credible after the fact. Also, have you ever heard that Tesla might be a Venusian? Seriously, take a look.

The fact of the matter is that all these years later we may never know which of these stories is true, and which is false, so why not add one more to the mix? I can’t (well, won’t) tell you much at this point except to say that our graphic novel is a story of supernatural horror reminiscent of certain mythos writers, and covering certain topics near and dear to the heart of any Tesla enthusiast.

Though we would like nothing more than to let little details slip here and there to whet the appetite, our intention is to provide a spoiler free experience when our book finally arrives in your hands. Until then, you’ll have to wait I’m afraid.

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5 thoughts on “Wardenclyffe Art – Something Tesla this way Comes!

  1. Once again, beautiful artwork! I love the radiant glow of St. Elmo’s Fire about him and arcing from his fingertip. It’s majestic indeed.

  2. Somehow I congratulated you on the Mark Twain picture everywhere but the blog post itself, so let me make that up by doing so on the next piece. Tesla looks good!

    It’s unfortunate that recognition is coming so late after his death. History has a tendency for hindsight and it seems that as more time passes, we gradually admit more and more what Tesla accomplished. Perhaps it’s because he was so far ahead of his time, so many of his ideas that were “mad science” in his day are becoming boring science today.

    Twain and Tesla in something Lovecraftian seems a natural blend of storytelling, so much so that I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of it. Perhaps that’s another thing we may find in hindsight.

    • ” Twain and Tesla in something Lovecraftian seems a natural blend of storytelling, so much so that I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of it. Perhaps that’s another thing we may find in hindsight.”

      Excellent point. If it as true as it sounds, that should make this comic an instant classic!

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