Miniature Monday – Sarah the Seeress


Who knows what the future brings? Well, maybe this week’s subject does – let’s see what our painters envisioned!

(You see what I did there, right? Sorry 😀 )

(posting by Antonia)

The miniature from the Bones III range has some nice fine detail (eg the ribbon wrapping on the staff), unfortunately my version also showed very noticeable mould lines over the whole length.

As always when I don’t know how to paint a robed figure, I make it an astropath*:


Because I thought a dignified astropath wouldn’t wear a flimsy outfit I scraped off the lacing and sculped extra robes over her exposed leg (the surface could have used more smoothing but with a little kid time is of the essence. Always.) Other mods happened just by painting, like the “empty” eyesockets or the implied “Aquila”-icon on her belt. As someone existing in this setting she certainly needs more skulls and chains, I’ll probably rectify this when I give her a proper tech-base.

(*Abused and mostly blinded telepaths from the warhammer 40k setting. I can use lots of them in tabletop games and RPG campaigns, they die like flies)


Dirk chose a marine environment:


At first he wasn’t sure which skin tone to pick so he decided to go in a completely different direction and make Sarah a sea elf, a water genasi or something similarly water-associated. He’ll use the mini in our pirate-themed D&D campaign as a wizard of some kind. He deliberately left out red from his color palette, an to compliment the blues and greens in skin and hair he painted the “jewels” as pearls,which I find a very fitting idea!


Michael’s seeress is more of the woodland type:


He wrote; “I actually finished this mini waaaaay back in February 2016, but I took new (better) pictures this week. I distinctly remember painting this model along with another female caster (held a sword and staff), and thinking “Huh, I’ve gotten better at this”. This may also have been soon after I switched to sable brushes, as opposed to cheap nylon ones. A few years later, I still think I did pretty well. I went druidess as my inspiration, giving her tan skin and a green dress. Of note, the raft in the bottom right IS a newly painted piece, from the Dreadmere expansion. ”

Both our minis are green and still so different, interesting! I think druid is a nice idea, especially the claws/natural materials on the staff point in a druidic or shamanistic direction. She’d also make a nice cultist, now that I think about it – maybe I should stop painting astropaths and create some cultists instead!


Timothy’s Sarah could be a witch:


At least that was my first association, the hair color combined with the dramatic lipstick – good choice to pick green as a spot color, it works well with the hair!


Jim also used a bit of blue:

jimBones Sarah the Seeress IMG_4454

He wrote: “My pic came out a bit fuzzy but the mini turned out well. This one seemed to tell me the correct colors right from the start. I knew she would have black hair and a purple or blue dress. She makes me think a little of elves or druids even though I didn’t really go that route. I do tend to like these “classic” fantasy minis. I’m particularly pleased with the highlighting on the dress and her hair and skin worked out well, too. On the other hand, the wrap on the staff got completely washed out. I guess it all balances out.”

I like how the peachy skin and the blue of the dress contrast each other. And as usual you had a good eye for detail, and I really love that you painted the beads on staff and dress in different colors – it totally adds depth and realism imho because you’d probably see more strands of mixed beads than uniform ones in that context.

This week’s gallery:

Coming next:

12/09/19 Bones IV Monsters: Wyvern (B4 Core) Nr. 81 on KS pic

Want to participate in the next post? Email the pictures of your minis until Friday 12/06/19 to  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

–> Attention: The submission date for photos is about three days before publishing date, to give us a bit of time to actually write about your pictures  😀

This way you’ll have two weeks/one weekend to paint, and we have one weekend to write (which is the only time of the week where we (might, *sigh*) have some open minutes).

You can of course send in pics later, but to take out a bit of the stress (most pics arrive here rather last minute) please consider the three day deadline. Later pics will still show up in an update  😉

I had to remove some of the shop links because the miniatures are not yet in official retail (the shop links showed “leftover” KS packs which seem to be out of stock completely now)

Here is the link to Reaper’s graphic with all the core pieces, but it’s one and veeeery long picture so be prepared for some scrolling. On the other hand it has separate numbers for most of the pieces. I will add individual shop links as soon as they appear!

12/23/19 Bones IV Villagers: Bandit with Dagger & Sword (B4 Core) Nr. 100 on KS pic

01/06/20 Show me your project! Did you paint or craft something over the holidays that’s outside on MM’s schedule? Here’s the place to show off!

01/20/20 Bones IV Cyclops (No. 98 on KS picture)

02/03/20 Bones III Vernon, Ivy Crown Knight

I added some first picks from the Bones 4 Core Set, some monsters, creatures and villagers. The adventurers I’ll check next, the group was just too large for a quick pick. Any more suggestions?

–> Since reaper re-organized their online shop recently, some of the links might not be working anymore. Until we come around to fix that you can always use the miniature’s name and use the search box on top of the page.

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2 thoughts on “Miniature Monday – Sarah the Seeress

  1. Nice work, everyone.

    Antonia – I like the green and Astropath doesn’t seem too much of a stretch from Seeress.

    Dirk – Great idea. I thought she seemed a bit elvish, too. I think I like your interpretation best (and not just because of the blue).

    Michael – The green and brown tones definitely make me think Druid. I like her.

    Tim – Glad somebody did a “dissenting” color scheme! Antonia is correct: She could easily be a witch.

    She reminds me of old Larry Elmore art from the ’80s TSR days and I think that’s where the multi-color beads came from. Hopefully the blue dress and black hair makes people think of a starry night sky.

  2. I don’t have a ton to add that wasn’t said already, but nice work everybody! I really like all of these. Timothy, that’s a really nifty dark green color on the dress.

    I apparently need a fashion class or more time at the Renaissance Faire, as this was the second mini in a row on our schedule that had the corset-y bodice piece that I totally just blended in with the rest of the dress. Yeesh.

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