Skara, Female Skoli

Skara, Female Skoli


Some unions are infernal, and their result even more: This week we have a look at a Skoli, Reaper’s version of a tiefling or maybe half-demon.

(Posting by Antonia)


Note: Since the last weeks were quite busy (my sister had her baby! Yay!) I’ll have to keep this article a bit shorter, but I wanted to show all our painting efforts nevertheless.

I gave my Skara an extra feature:


Since I’ll be using the Bones 3 Sophie for a human conversion, I had her wings left over to play with and decided to give them to Skara instead.
The conversion was plain and easy, I simply cut a hole in her back to fit in the connecting piece of the wings, but I’m very happy with the result – the wings look as if they were made for her. I’ll have to adjust the base though, because the tips of the wings are scratching the floor right now.
For the colors I went the “Hellboy” route, because a) I like red and b) it always looks very hellish. I decided that her strange armour would cover the whole leg besides the front part of the feet – it’s a bit “manga style weird” but for me that fits the overall feel of the mini.
The model is at the “base color and partial wash” state right now, and it still needs cleanup and a base, but since I have my hands full atm she’ll stay that way until we actually need her for something, maybe an RPG encounter of some kind. Still, I like her.

Michael awarded Skara a cooler weapon:


He wrote: “I’m sending in another quick photo of a work in progress. Skara is most of the way done, but I need to finish detailing the accessories and the base. I’ll send in the finished model for an update later. As you can see, though, I have no idea what a Skoli is, so I went Tiefling. I also replaced the boring looking sword in her left hand with a piece from one of the armories that came in KS3.
Speaking of Kickstarter, I’m still waiting for my KS4 to ship. I ordered all three items that were in the final delayed container, so I’m still (impatiently) waiting for a shipping notice. ”

Great idea, swapping the weapon! The sword is indeed very generic, your curved dagger works well with her posture and silhouette!
I’m not sure if there is indeed a definition of a Skoli, I took it as some stand-in for Tieflings, half-demons, half-devils etc.

Arjen was weirded out by the design:

Skoli Arjen

He wrote: “I did not like this mini. After some soul searching I found that the thing I liked least was the ridiculous armor on the left shoulder (so much armor there and so little above her heart: ridiculous), so it had to go. After that I decided this was a good mini to experiment upon. I wanted her to have black clothing with a purple sheen. I did not completely succeed, but I got somewhere in the vicinity of what I was aiming for. Her eyes I tried to make a fierce blue, but there I failed. Also this was my first attempt at blue hair and it looks okay. For the weapon shaft I mixed a bit of purple into the brown so it would not clash and that worked very well. I think the overall result is passable, and certainly looks different from all the other stuff I painted so far.”

I totally get what you mean, the armour design is quite exaggerated, it reminded me of a comic-like style (e.g manga), although for that the weapons should have been larger too, I suppose… Anyway, with this bulging bust and bare feet (in plate armour?) one has to embrace the cosplay feel, I guess, or convert a bit, like you did. It looks so much more normal that way (as far as normal goes for a half-fiend, anyway.) Did you also smooth down the chest area or is it just covered up by painting?
I like the combination of red and purple, the contrasting hair, and the color gradient on clothes and armour looks good too!

Jim’s Skara is really bright:

Bones S'kara IMG_4369 Jim

He wrote: “I couldn’t get inspired by S’kara for some reason but I still think she’s an interesting miniature. Much of the detail is nice but some of the armor was a little confusing. The skin came out a bit too pink and I messed up the hair but overall I’m pleased with the result. I still don’t know what a Skoli is, though!”

Great paintjob, Jim, very clean, and the pink skin looks quite unnatural (which I definitely like in this kind of character). I’m surprised how well the reddish brown hair and the skin go together, and the turquise bottle is a nice eye-catcher – do you repeat the color somewhere else on the mini? I once read that helps to balance strong contrasts.
I can see that you painted those leg spikes as skin/organic – I would never have thought of this, but it’s not too far-fetched for a tiefling to have thorns and spikes here and there, quite right! Eye for the details, as always 😉
The dark armour looks very cool too, how did you achive that effectß Did you start grey and washed/highlighted, or what is your approach? I always find black a bit difficult to paint, especially highlight-wise.


This week’s gallery:

Coming next:

05/13/19 Bones – Catch-Up Monday (Your choice of Bones I-III!) Have a look at the vast range of minis here on the blog and show us something you painted later!

Want to participate in the next post? Email the pictures of your minis until Friday 05/10/19 to  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

–> Attention: The submission date for photos is about three days before publishing date, to give us a bit of time to actually write about your pictures  😀

This way you’ll have two weeks/one weekend to paint, and we have one weekend to write (which is the only time of the week where we have some open minutes).

You can of course send in pics later, but to take out a bit of the stress (most pics arrive here rather last minute) please consider the three day deadline. Later pics will still show up in an update  😉

I added tons of miniatures to the schedule now. We might still shuffle them around, do extras (like “Show me your project!”) or add more, just tell us what you think in the comments!


05/27/19 Bones III Eastern encounter part 3 – Kitsune! Female and/or male.

06/10/19 Bones III Gwyddis, Dwarf Valkyrie (B3 Core)

06/24/19 Bones II Sir Conlan (B2 Core)

07/08/19 Bones III Durok, Dwarf Ranger (B3 Core)

07/22/19 Bones III Wraith (B3 Core)

08/05/19 Bones II Alistrilee, Elven Archer (B2 Core)

08/19/19 Bones III Sigurd, Viking (B3 Core)

09/02/19 Bones III Brotherhood of the Seal (B3 Core)

09/16/19 Bones II Mi-Sher, Sword Dancer (B2 Core)

After that Bones 4? Or should we start earlier? Until then everyone should have had the chance to check their shipments or even bought some minis directly from the shop.

We’ll gladly accept your suggestions!

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One thought on “Skara, Female Skoli

  1. Antonia: Tell your sister congrats on the baby! I like the addition of the wings on your mini. That really adds to the demonic appearance. The red seems appropriate and I like that shade of blue. That’s probably the correct choice on the armor.

    Michael: Defintely a good choice on the replacement weapon. The green glowing eyes in the ruddy skin look great.

    Arjen: Kind of a weird one for me, too. Good color choices, though, and I particularly like the lighter colored hair.

    My (her) skin was supposed to come out redder, but bubblegum pink makes her unique, right?! I used pink as a base and washed red over it thinking it would glaze/stain a bit more. Wrong. The hair is one of the KS4 paint colors: Red Neon Glow. I used an old GW black wash and it went on grainy but it also turned the hair brownish so in the end I think Antonia is right that it worked out well. The bottle color is Phantom Glow(?), also a new color. I just wanted it to stick out and it does, but that’s the only place I used it. I went for more skin/less cloth or armor to emphasize her devilish nature and reasoned she would have pretty tough hide and horns. The armor is just Vallejo gunmetal with some highlights and a heavy black wash. It seemed to fit and it helped make her skin look even brighter.

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