It’s aliiive…!


Hello everyone!

Yes, we are still around.

No, we didn’t really realize how **much** work caring for a baby is. Parents may now laugh at us  😀

And yes, we should have called. Written. Whatever – just to tell you we would be delayed. You wouldn’t guess how many times one of us said “Gosh, Mini Monday! Tonigh we will sit down and write the next article. For real!”

Then – life happened. Diaper accidents, loss of sleep and a complete change in schedule And suddenly the evening was over, and the next, and one week, and a month… Wow!

Anyway, I contacted David to ask if he still wants us, and finally! put up this text to look if *you* want Mini Monday back  😀

If everything works out we are thinking of doing a Mini Monday every other week so we don’t have to carve out too much time. Perhaps this even helps some of you who couldn’t otherwise keep up with a tigher schedule and now can participate?  😉

So now we will gather our notes and the pictures of the charnel grub you already sent in and next monday there will be an article.

For real 😀

Yours, Antonia




P.S. In case you wonder:

Our son Kai was born in the middle of November with 3600g and 50cm.

He is well and happy (most of the time, besides the screaming fits, of course!), we love him so much and are very glad to have him.

Even with the diaper accidents  😀


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8 thoughts on “It’s aliiive…!

  1. Congratulations guys! As a fellow parent I am all too familiar with not getting time for things! When it comes to posting here on the site I’d suggest working to whatever schedule works best for you guys!

  2. Congratulations on making your own miniature human! Having been there, I know better than to laugh at a sleep-deprived parent. I’d love to see Miniature Monday come back in whatever form works for you two. Every two weeks seems like it might be a more comfortable pace.

  3. Congratulations! As a non-parent, I’m always amazed at how tiny babies are. Well, at least I have nieces and nephews. Also, I had a friend in high school named Kai, so I like your choice of names for the wee lad.

  4. Congratulations! You had me worried a bit, all this silence; I am glad everything is OK. Well now you understand how out of necessity i have become somewhat of a speed painter (I have 3, we sometimes lovingly call them Spawn, Brood and Frutzilla). The worst I remember from the first year is when I found out that even holidays were not the relaxing periods anymore they used to be. Though few things beat reading a book with a sleeping baby on your tummy.
    I need miniature monday. haven’t painted anything since december.

  5. Congrats on your the new addition to your family! Like everyone else I completely understand that you were incommunicado. Babies are wonderful but they take a lot of time and energy for something so small.

    As for Monday Miniatures, I too would love to see it come back. I am hoping a fortnightly schedule will make it easier for me to share more often as my health still effects my ability to paint. I also want to repeat what others have said that I support whatever you are able to do.

    While I have not done much painting since the Stone Lurker (Roper) I would really be interested to see what everyone else has been painting it be interesting to do a “Share what you have done recently” post. That would also allow you to put a list together and give people who do not have the minis to make an order. Once again I dont fall into this category but Id just like to see what others have been doing

  6. I have a suggestion. Given the hiatus it might be nice to have a post where everyone could submit what they worked on while you were away. I know I have been painting a bunch of things that would be fun to share, and I’d be interested to see what others have been doing too.

  7. A few thoughts:

    1. I fully support Miniature Monday every other week. If that works for Antonia & Dirk, I feel it gives a little more time for other projects. It may even encourage more people to send in pics. I’d really love to see some of the painters from a few years ago back with us.

    2. A William and Kylie have already mentioned a “what have you been up to” post. Great idea! I haven’t been doing a lot of painting, but I do have a few things I could/would show.

    3. I’d like to finish up the minis that were already scheduled (Anti Paladin, Burrowing Horror, Dwarf Cleric, Tick Queen, Sqoug Warriors) before we move on. Admittedly, this is largely because I have at least started a few of them.

    I can’t think of anything else at the moment. I should probably take a look at the remaining Bones II minis and offer a few suggestions.

  8. Haha … oops, I didn’t notice that someone posted the exact same suggestion literally just above mine.

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