missing monday miniature – an outbreak report

As the flu held us in its cold claws, we were unable to work on the samurai miniature from this week. And as there weren’t any other photos from honorable swordsmen arriving on our shelves, we had nothing to show.(posting by Dirk)

But now we have broken free from the grip of bed rest and ready to begin work again.

We will continue as scheduled with the Basilisk, so if you want to participate, send us your pictures until 06/26/16 to  MondayMiniature@fantasymail.de.

If I find the time to paint my already converted (i.e. personalized) samurai as well, I will show it to you in an update.

See you next monday, hopefully with a load of scaly petrifying gazers.

The list of minis to come so far:

07/04/16 Rogan, Half Orc Rogue (Bones II Core Set)

07/11/16 Tiik Baron, Fish Humanoid Champion (Bones II Core Set)

07/18/16 Troll Slayer Sophie, Mascot Demon Lady (Bones II Core Set)

07/25/16 Ape Demon (Bones II Core Set)

08/01/16 Whispering Tyrant, Undead Villain in dramatic pose (Core Set)

08/08/16 Drys, Elven Dryad (Core Set)

08/15/16 Bone Fiend, strange skeleton-golem-thing (Core Set)

If you have any suggestions what to paint next, let us know.

This entry was posted by Antonia & Dirk Vogel.

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