Miniature Monday – Dragon Hatchlings II (Blue & Green)

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To complete the range of dragon hatchlings, here are the last two babies from the starter set.They are just the right size for a tough encounter for young inexperienced adventurers.  Let´s see what our painters will throw against them this time…

(posted by Dirk)

I hope you had a good week, the temperatures here in our region are rising snd rising… but we managed to take up a brush and paint a little bit anyway. Although there were a birthday and the baptism of our niece, I succeeded in finishing my dragons, only the bases are just painted in base color .

As we had the pack of dragon twice and wanted to paint as much different colors as possible, we took turns choosing a color sheme. Antonia chose to paint the blue dragon hatchling as a white one and got the opportunity to paint the green one as a silver dragon.


My favorite is the base of the white dragon. She  sculpted it to be a chunk of ice covered with snow (for which she used baking soda).She even made some small  icicles on the underside of the cliff with water effect.

For the base of the silver dragon, she once again used kitchen herbs, which look like forest leaves.

I got the opportunity to paint this two in standard green and blue.


I just used different shades of green for the first one, as this small dragon has to hide himself in the undergrowth until he is big enough to be the predator…perhaps he will actually get some bushes on his base to hide behind soon…

I especially like the blue dragons and was eager to paint it. For the wings I chose the same color as the desert sand. For the base I added a vase from the jars of the “dungeon decor set”, laying half buried in the sand.


Jim send in some WIP-pictures, but I think they already look wonderful.

JIMreaper bones blue hatchling IMG_3284.JPG

JIMreaper bones green hatchling IMG_3290.JPG

He painted them on the run, but he says that´s the good thing with bonesium: you can paint in a small amount of time and it looks good on the table. And I totally agree with him.

As I painted them myself and know how small the details are, I am astonished  how well painted the small hatchlings are. The green one even has irides!


David R. painted  the hatchling before, and used this week to touch them up a little bit.


And he did a good job at that. I really like how he highlighted the scales on the green one, and the browns on the wings and belly harmonize with the green. I will try this on my next green dragon.

My favourite is the black dragon, as David succeeded  in giving him a decaying look fitting his swampy home territory.

That’s all for this week so far. But don’t hesitate to contact us if you got some more dragons to show.

This week’s gallery:

Coming Next:

06/13/16 Cassiatta, female Dark Knight (Bones II Core Set)

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email the pictures of your minis until 06/12/16 to

–>  new address:  (It’s a .de domain, in case emails are bouncing)

06/20/16 Nakayama Hayato, Iconic Samurai (Bones II Core Set)

06/27/16 Basilisk (Bones II Core Set)

07/04/16 Rogan, Half Orc Rogue (Bones II Core Set)

07/11/16 Tiik Baron, Fish Humanoid Champion (Bones II Core Set)

07/18/16 Troll Slayer Sophie, Mascot Demon Lady (Bones II Core Set)

07/25/16 Ape Demon (Bones II Core Set)

08/01/16 Whispering Tyrant, Undead Villain in dramatic pose (Core Set)

08/08/16 Drys, Elven Dryad (Core Set)

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2 thoughts on “Miniature Monday – Dragon Hatchlings II (Blue & Green)

  1. The head on my “blue” was essentially just a blob, but the rest wasn’t to bad. The “green” was still much better detailed. I went with the idea that blue dragons are blue/gray to blend in with the sky while soaring high above the desert looking for prey. Maybe that’s over-thinking things!

    Everyone’s hatchlings came out nice, but I really like Antonia’s “silver”. Nice base work, too.

  2. nice idea with the sky-camo, I hadn’t noticed! Planes worked in the same way, so why not – I think all smaller animals than a dragon (which are the most) would get cover if they see such a big predator in the sky…

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