Monday Miniatures: Novacorp Sergeant

80010_w_1[1]Today we look at one of the few sci-fi minis that came with the Bones set. Its interesting to me just how many of our painters squeezed this mini into their sci-fi world of choice.

Also, next week will be the last week of regular posting. After Monday 6/15/15 I am suspending regular blogging for several months. Peak below the fold to find out why.

There are two main reasons. The first that I am just too busy right now; I have been asked to help start up one of our companies new sites in addition to my day job. This means 2 days a week of travel and a significant increase in workload until the fall. The second is that I need to focus some of my scant remaining free time on other things. I plan on hiking and camping during the summer, and really need to pick up writing again before yet another year passes me by.

So after I have moved, enjoyed the summer, and finished this collateral duty I will be back. I’m hoping that will be in September, but will post a status update around then regardless.


Tallghost got his inspiration from firefly and painted up a purple belly.


David B didn’t cite an inspiration for his color scheme, but it is very vibrant. It is definitely the brightest of all of our painters this week.


Brewster also seems to be a firefly fan. I love the details on this one – the neon green highlights really and some contrast.

MM_Novacorp Srgt

Antonia really chopped hers up to make it fit into the 40k universe. The end result of the head replacement and arm reposition is very natural, and the color scheme is perfect for grim dark without resorting to black. Is  the servo skull green stuff? Or did you steal it from somewhere else?

5/14/15 – Autumn Bronzeleaf

Want to participate in next week’s post? Email your pictures of your mini to

I’ll keep you all posted on when I plan on picking back up the rest of these.

TBA – Elladan, Elf Ranger

TBA – Novacorp Speedpaint – See how fast you can paint a few of the sergeants loyal men

TBA – Seltyiel, Iconic Mage

TBA – Horace ‘Action’ Jackson

TBA – Jabberwock – Week 1

TBA – Jabberwock – Week 2

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6 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Novacorp Sergeant

  1. Definitely like the Blue of David B’s the best. The little bits of yellow/orange are just right.

    I hadn’t thought of Firefly with my colour choices, but who knows, the subconscious is entirely possible. I was most interested to see Tallghost ended up with almost the same colours.

    I’m always impressed with bones conversions. I’m a bit nervous to try them. Antonia’s end product look great. The servo skull looks boos with the wiring. I like the yellow/black hazard band as well.

    David W, sorry to hear about the hiatus, but totally understandable. I hope you get enough time to do your hobbies onto of your crushing schedule. Many thanks for what you do each week.

  2. Hi everyone,
    great minis this week! I like the variety in color, the minis could have been a bit dull otherwise.
    I really enjoyed working on this mini (I’ll use it for my Dark Heresy RP Character) although I found it a bit difficult to stay dark-ish (it is 40k, after all…) without losing all color. .

    Since I tend to put a skull somewhere onto the base of my painting projects, now I wondered: How can I fit my signature skull on this sci-fi street? Fortunately it’s 40k, so a servo skull would work.
    @ BlogDavid:
    I didn’t have that bit at hand, though, therefore I made it myself:
    I used a resin skull bit (I bought a bag of them last year) and added three pieces of thin and one piece of thicker wire for tentacles/cables.
    Then I filled one eye with liquid putty (for the “laser implant thingy”) and glued a bit of scrap plastic onto one temple.
    The rest is done with the paintjob, tiny dots and lights and cables in red and blue, I could also have added some runes or carved symbols, but I ran out of time, since the skull was more or less an afterthought.

    Sorry to hear about the blog inbernation, but as a freelancer I know the importance of priorities and getting on with projects.
    I’m looking forward to seeing MiniMonday come back in September with even more great minis!

  3. I understand wanting to write more, it always seems to get relegated to the backseat, sitting in the center on the hump! Travel safe and we look forward to your return.

  4. I might join in when this starts up again. I’m a complete rookie, so don’t expect much. But I want to start painting regularly, so we’ll see…

    • Welcome! Nice to see you here, it’s great to see a new face (figuratively).
      Don’t be afraid, we’re not biting (at least most of us – just joking 😉 ), and you can get a lot inspiration from all the entries. Also, the weekly painting routine will improve your skills greatly.

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