Monday Miniatures: Deladrin


This mini didn’t look like much. Honestly I may not have picked it if it hadn’t been asked for by one of regular painters. The sheer variety of painting styles this week really justifies the project. It’s the for doing this.

No new projects this week.

David picThis one came out alright. I like the contrast, but I could have spent more time picking out the details.


Arjen might have picked out every last one of those details. I also love the blending in the cloak.

tallghost deladrin

Tallghost’s mini has tremendous character. That cloak is amazing.


I think this is the best mini Magnus has ever sent our way. I love this color scheme, and think it was done quite effectively.


Jes painted a metal version ages ago, and a bones version this week. If you look realy close you will see that the mini is smirking. Smirking! I can barely make mini look not cross-eyed.

Dain Deepaxe – He’s not quite Santa, but the beard is close enough. Please send pictures by 12/21/14.

Break for Christmas


Flesh Golem

Please continue to send me your suggestions!

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5 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Deladrin

  1. Five assassins, and nobody did the traditional all-black oufit! I love all the creative variations. Tallghost has the most creative entry, but I also like the subtle blue swords that Magnus came up with.

  2. Thanks, all! I was really pleased with how this figure turned out. I picked up some Army Painter inks a few weeks ago, and they’ve been really helpful in getting smoother blends.

    • Thanks for the compliments! i actually cam up with an NPC concept while I was painting her. She’ll probably face off against my Pathfinder group in a month or so. I just have to figure out the powers of her Birch cloak.
      Magnus, i like the look of your boots.
      Arjen, that cloak is just amazing.
      Jessi, Love the horns on the knee pads. I also like that you have twin sister rouges. I could make a whole adventure around that concept too….

      • Thanks! I was going for an Oni mask look…

        The original black mini was for a d&d campaign where the character created clones of herself that wore red. So when I got another one, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to make that a reality… now I just need 8 more. 🙂

        Magnus, I love Army painter’s inks, but I prefer GW ones still.

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