Monday Miniatures: Lizardman (part 2)


Sometimes too much of a good thing just isn’t enough. This week not only do we have a second lizardman, but two new artists to share their art with us.

Mantic has yet another project up. This time it is the relaunch of one of their flag ship projects, Kings of War. It’s an okay deal, but the mega bundles on their actual website are already pretty cheap. This isn’t really something that should be getting crowdfunded IMHO, but in a week or so it has raised $153K.


So I spent the weekend working. Fortunately I started this mini last week when I was painting the other lizardman – so if you notice a similarity, that’s why. I’m submitting a WIP because I think this one is only about 80% done. I want to do some highlights on the tail and chest and some patterning on the shield yet.

Club lizard Arjen

Arjen did a great job painting as always, but this week he got a new lighting rig, and the difference is very clear. The colors are so much clearer than they are usually. That is an investment that will pay serious dividends.

mAGNUS (2)

Magnus chose a color scheme that is similar to last week, but a tad more restrained. Good work on the blending!


Dirk is just showing off. Seriously though – I love that bandoleer. This week he chose to paint a primitive tribesmen with a black dragon scaled loin cloth, because if your underwear is made of dragon, you must be a badass.


Newcomer Jo joins us this week with a very eeriy take on the lizardman. I love the glowing eyes and the subtly defines musculature.


Last but certainly not least we have Viktor who presents us with a twofer. The detail and subtle effects on the skin and leather of these two are outstanding. They are contrasted very nicely by the outrageously colored turtle shield. Its a great contrast.

Ghost King – Please send pictures to by 2100 MDT on 11/16/14

Break for Thanksgiving

Arius the first week of December.

We need two more minis to finish out the year – please send me a link to one of the ones in the Vampire pledge that you would like to see painted.

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5 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Lizardman (part 2)

  1. Welcome newbies! You are already doing better than I was a year ago. Jo nailed all the important parts: the eye, the teeth and the scaly hide. Viktor’s lizards are nicely crisp, but the brave colour choice for the shield is not working, it clashes with the other colours. In my experience, mixing a similar colour with different bottles (e.g. Mixing Grey blue with green instead of blue with mossy green) sometimes gives a similar colour that suddenly goes well with the rest. Anyway, maybe it was meant to clash, as the shield now looks a bit magical enhanced. I hope to see more of these newcomers.

  2. Nice work everyone! I think we all agree that green is THE colour for lizardmen 😉
    Btw I love the tropical lizard look my wife used last week, but I had not enough fantasy to come up with a different colour sheme.

    @Arjen: congratulations to your new lighting rig! I like your turtle shell. I also tried to use some patterns on it but was disapointed by the result and washed it all off again. maybe if I get some spare time…

    David, go on with the freehands, things like your warpaint makes the mini stand out from other models. I like it!

    @Magnus: concerning last week – I love your Masters-based references in your minis (I admit, I had them all – nearly…)

    A big welcome to the new ones! I hope you will stay
    Jo, as I can see in the picture background you allready painted some other bones – perhaps you can show some other work?
    (Btw: are you also a roleplayer? I noticed the D&D-floor plan)

    @Viktor: yours are my favourite this week, really nice skin colour. I think the turtle shield is a good addition to the overall colour sheme. most minis win through some contrasting/extraordinary colour (without the markings on the leather straps my mini only had ” earthly” colours – something was missing).
    And I think the shell connects good to the water on the base.

    To the question, what mini to paint: we had some more suggestions in the week with Nienna (Elf ranger), just copied them here.

    – Finaela, Female Pirate

    77031 Cassie, Female Gnome Wizard.

    77047 Goldar, Male Barbarian

    At least Finaela had some positiv feedback.

    But if we don´t find further minis I also would appreciate another “show me your army/project/whatever”-week, then everyone could let us participate on their works – and perhaps I can conclude some unfinished bones 🙂

  3. @Jessi no, deadline is 23rd, David forgets to change the date regularly, we just see what’ s next and submit that on the next Sunday.

  4. Cassie is fine with me, on Goldar I did a bad paint job, so less anxious to show him :-).

    I have some suggestions for minis as well:
    female assassin

    balto burrowell, male gnome wizard

    Shaeress, dark elf queen

    And there is one that did not make it into retail, has no name and number, a fighter with two swords. Let’s call him the Hooded Enforcer. In the original bones I list he was just a scetch. This is the best picture I could find (horrible paint job, though):

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