Monday Miniatures:Goblins (Part 2)


Last week we started working on a big batch of goblins. After all, goblins do travel in packs (at least according to the random encounter table.) This week, we see how the painters made out; it looks like nine of them were completed 100%!

This week, the amount of interesting Kickstarters I found matched the amount of models I painted, which is to say, zero. But hey, on the brightside, at least there were no bugs in my hotel room, so that’s working out well.


Magnus did a great job cranking outt the green skins this week. My favorite detail has to be the leather. The color variation is excellent, and the shading makes it look oily and gross, which is pretty much perfect if you are a dungeon dwelling goblin.

Five goblins Arjen

Arjen only painted the one on the left this go around. If you look closely you can see how the palete changes from the ones he had painted previously.


After Dirk’s fun filled vacation to scotland was complete, he finished up a whole bunch of goblin soldiers to go with the task master painted earlier this year. He used the same color scheme, but with slightly fewer steps to get so many done in a reasonable period of time. This is a trick from the realm of wargaming: paint the most eye catching models as much as possible, and slack off a bit on the ones you are painting 20 of. I think they look great, especially the OSL highlights on the heads of the torch bearers.

Update: Kylie sent in a great, if slightly late entry on Monday. I love the gritty realism on these. Seriously, I wish my goblins were painted half so well. Outstanding!

Medusa – Please send pictures to by 2100 MDT on 8/24/14

The Black Mist



TBD – I got a bunch of great suggestions on minis last week. If you want to see something specific on the list, leave a comment.


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4 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures:Goblins (Part 2)

  1. Dirk’s goblins are very crisply painted and I like the OSL as well, a very good result in this short time. Magnus, I think your flames look better than mine or Dirk’s. I found getting the flames to look a bit natural the hardest part of these minis, so well done too.
    Regarding the wish list: anything from the original 30 is fine, except the lizardman, I think it is an ugly mini that only sold well in metal because it was cheap. I would pick 77035, the female assassin, or 77049, the elf ranger. There are wonderful examples of these minis in the reaper inspiration gallery.

  2. Hey David – Did you get mine? I did send it though maybe from a different email (kitten2102). I will try sending it again.

    I think all the goblins look great! I agree with Magnus and Arjen – Dirks OSL is amazing and I really think Magnus blended well with his flames.

    Painting suggetions – I really like Magnus’ High Wizard and Arjen’s female assassin though I think 77091: Nienna, Female Elf Ranger ( is a stronger ranger model.

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