Monday Miniatures: Ape-X


This week we take a break from fantasy figures to paint one of the few Sci-fi figures that was included in the bones set. Just as a rough guess, we are now about a quarter of the way through the minis from this Kickstarter. Only 3 or 4 more more years and we will have them all painted.

Fallen Frontiers – This is another sci-fi mini game, for those of you that are looking for something differant (but not really.)

So the whole time I was painting I was thinking about a certain nazi ape from Hellboy.


If I had more time, I might have tried to mod some glowing green vaccum tubes with green stuff, but alas there is never enough time.

Ape X

Instead I tried (and largely failed) to go for a silverback effect.


Magnus however, kicked ass. I find his much more colorful attempt to be really stand out. I love the blue color scheme almost as much as I love the floor. This might be your best yet!


Chris joins us for the first time showing off a trio of cyber apes. They all look pretty pissed off to me, but their mouths catch my eye the most. Great color gradation there. (For more information on his process, go to


Last but not least, we have Dirk’s Ape. He wasn’t able to finish (which means he probably only spent like 6 hours on it so far) but his work in progress is outstanding! I love the white, though it seems like it might be painful to shade. The many hues of metallic will look great when all is said and done.


Kylie sends a late arrival, but hey there is always room for one more ape right? Great lighting and color, Kylie – very dynamic.

Anirion – Send pictures to by 6/8/14 at 9pm.



Oh Rats! – Let’s knock out another group of minor minis!


Deadeye Slim

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6 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Ape-X

  1. Awesome work, everyone! I’m really surprised at the variety we got this week for Ape-X. And thanks for the compliments! I’m not entirely happy with how my “energized” parts turned out, but at least I tried something new (I wanted a more “comic book” feel for the figure).

  2. Hi chris, how did you reposition those arms? I have tried to use this trick with boiling water and ice and cannot make it work for anything but small adjustments, as the arms creep back to about the original position.

    • I actually cut and repinned them, along with the heads, then filled in with putty and then covered with more putty and sculpted the fur. I’ll be posting the whole process (and the Pulp-style Cthulhu one-shot they were made for!) on my blog in a few days. The whole process was laborious, but it was a labor of love, which made it quite fun.
      You are right about the boiling water; it only works for minor adjustments, and would never work for the thick arms of Ape-X.

  3. Great job everyone!

    Chris – I really look forward to your post to see how you repinned the Apes. Its interesting.

    Dirk – I really like the ice ape looks really good – great idea!

    Magnus – I love your fist with the blue!

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