Monday Miniatures: Hellhound

77038_w_1This week’s model is an absolute classic. Not only was it a joy to paint, but a the amount of different color schemes that people came up with were quite impressive. Arcane Factories – Some interesting ideas, but until I see more than sketches and renders, I’m going to have to pass. Also – why a project of this size needs a dozen people to staff it – I have no idea. David Hellhound This week I went with a traditional color scheme, and it turned out pretty well. My one regret is that I didn’t make the body a touch lighter for more shading possibilities. Hellhound Tina Tina went the same direction I did, but the base really adds to the fiery effect. Tina, have you considered a quick matt cote to take some of that shine off? hell hound Arjen didn’t quite get the chance to finish this week, but their color scheme might be my favorite. It’s very resident evil. I love the musculature and blending. Hellhound Dirk Dirk finished a hound in a very similar color scheme, but I think the molten core of his hound is worthy of special note. Dirk – is that white glow photoshop enhanced, or all brushwork? Krenshar Toni This week Antonia chose to take the mini in a differant direction entirely, tying it in to an ongoing tabletop game she is playing. Little details like the tufted tail really set it apart, though I think my favorite detail is the careful dappling. Hellhound

And then Clint sent us this monstrosity.  He says it’s very rushed.

Undead Horde – a consistent theme I’ve seen in recent posts is just how long these mini’s are taking people to paint. This week let’s take a crack at all the skeletons we have stacked up. Base coat. Shade. Dry brush. Highlight. Try to get your technique down to less than half an hour a mini and see if you can knock out at least three of these little guys (we were shipped six.) – Send pictures to by 5/11/14 at 9pm.

Terrain – We’ve been showing off lots of miniatures these last few months, but you need some terrain too play with them. Show us all what you’re working on.

Ape-X – one of the last big models left in the Vampire package.




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7 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Hellhound

  1. Another fun post. Thanks, David! As for a half hour — wow, I could never paint one that fast. Not even close. But it’s fun seeing work by people that do know what they’re doing and that can do them fast. 🙂

  2. This week we have really different results: David, yours is very iconic, crisp, almost cartoon-like and can probably be recognized from a mile away. If you want more musculature, just take some black paint, add one third or less of grey and put a gentle side-brush on the thickest muscles, but I don’ t think it really is necessary.
    Antonia’s I like as a multiple use table top beast, very realistic. Dirk’s eyes are the best. This week’s favorite for me is Clint’s gritty realistic demon dog. I decided against making the fur flaming for my mini, because I could not think of a way to make the flames and body look like one entity, but Clint pulled it off, marvelously.

  3. Nice minis, all of you. I like especially the cracking skin from Clint´s.

    @David: the glow effects on my hellhound are real brushwork. I like the one in the mouth best, wasn´t sure if i get it right, but in the end i was satisfied.

    I´m looking forward to the undead horde… but since Antonia and i must share them, we will take some zombies as well.

  4. I finished my Hell Hound on Sunday, but I completely forgot to email my submission… doh! It is up on my blog if anyone wants to see, since I’m not sure how late “late submissions” will be posted here. 😛

    David, the fire on your hound looks great; you achieved some nice transitions in the flames there.

  5. Thanks for the kind words!

    @Dirk, your glow effects are magnificent! I feel your pain abuot the mouth.. I was trying to make mine look like it was about to vomit fire. I went back and forth painting the teeth as silhouetted, then highlighted, then silhouetted again. Argh!

    For those interested.. I tried some “krackle medium” that didn’t do a damned thing. Then I grabbed a straight pin out of my wife’s sewing kit and just scratched through the outer layer of black to the white layer (maybe even the white plastic?), which then got colored by yellow and orange washes. Suprisingly effective.

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