Monday Miniatures: Village Rioter


I know that people get excited by this post every week, but rarely do you guys feel the need to bring pitchforks and torches to show said excitement. Peek below the fold to find out what has everyone so riled up!

I didn’t see anything new on Kickstarter worth sharing. Anyone want to send me a link or two?


Normally I think that my mini looks better in person than it does in the picture. This time though, the reverse is true. Held in hand, the rioter is colored just a few steps short of Twoface, but according to the camera, even before any kind of photoshop filters are applied, the thing seems to have come out perfect. Sure, the eyes and the pitchfork suck, but this is definitely my best OSL (object source lighting) to date. Glazes did awesome on this guy.

Magnus Riot

Magnus seems to have had much less of a problem with his pitchfork. He also did the best on the torch this week.

peasant arjen

Arjen, chose a similar color scheme to mine, but their’s came out more medieval, more authentic somehow. I really like it, though I do find it interesting that this guy is only wearing one glove.


Lastly we have Dirk’s mini. The OSL on this guy came out very painterly. I really like the effect, but it isn’t my favorite part. The Shrek reference in the poster cracked me up. As always Dirk, your bases are masterful.

Snake Demon – Send pictures to by 5/4/14 at 9pm.

Hell Hound

Undead Horde – a consistent theme I’ve seen in recent posts is just how long these mini’s are taking people to paint. This week let’s take a crack at all the skeletons we have stacked up. Base coat. Shade. Dry brush. Highlight. Try to get your technique down to less than half an hour a mini and see if you can knock out at least three of these little guys (we were shipped six.)

Terrain – We’ve been showing off lots of miniatures these last few months, but you need some terrain too play with them. Show us all what you’re working on.

Ape-X – one of the last big models left in the Vampire package.


Note: if you guys want a particular mini put on the list, please send me a recommendation.

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3 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Village Rioter

  1. As I saw the mini i knew i had to put a wanted-poster on the base. Shrek won my internal contest slightly over frankenstein´s monster.
    The base, by the way wasn´t so difficult, i modelled a prototype out of green stuff and created a mould out of instantmould, Darkrasp last week had also a reprint of this.

    @david: I like your OSL, did you start with light colours and darkened it?

    And I have to thank you for this whole monday miniature project: the practice I got from the weekly challenges speeded up my painting skills so that I could paint a mini as a birthday present, although I only had one evening to finish. (by the way it was a converted reaper bones 😉 )

    • I painted the lit area slightly brighter than the shadow. Once everything was base coated I softened that line with uneven shading from a spectrum of brown inks.

      After that I glazed the lit half with a couple coats of yellow, and the dark half with a couple coats of blue. I thought that the color contrast was very effective. It’s a pretty basic move from a theory perspective, but I’d never tried it before.

  2. Ha! The Shrek poster is great! 😛

    Nice work on the OSL, guys. And I was somewhat baffled by the single-glove thing, as well. I assume perhaps if one is holding a torch for an extended period, a thick leather glove might be a good idea for protection. That’s my best guess at it, anyway!

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