Monday Miniatures: Malek

77172_w_1This week we delve into the horrors of the grave with a necromancer. Peek below the fold for a look at five horrors from the twisted minds of our contributors.

Dwarf Forge -This project isn’t new, but it is coming to an end. If you want to build a dungeon, either for play or dioramas, now is your last chance.

David Malek

This week I decided to practice my shading. I used only black paint, white paint and water. Generally I rely heavily on fancy washes and such; this time I thought I’d work on more basic skills. The process was frustrating, but the result is very nice. I’ve seen plenty of monochrome figures before, but this is the first time I ever tried it.

Magnus malek

Magnus on the other hand went with really vibrant colors. Any guesses as to what his inspiration was?


The Vogels did an excellent job as always. I love the cape on this one. Three different hides sewn together with some great paint schemes to tell a story as they always do. I hate to think of what horror he is resurrecting from that grave. Did the two face motif inspire the cloak, or was it the other way around?

Malek Arjen

Arjen, on the other hand really spent a lot of time on that staff.  I love the multi hued metallic iridescence. Why don’t you go paint a dragon in that style for us? Great depth of color though on this model, really.


Last we have a new painter, Amy, joining us with a hell of a first effort. Bright and subdued by turns, I think she did a great job. The subtle mottling on the cloth is my favorite part though.


Domino shows off their WIP just after my bed time. So far is looking really good!

Kavorgh Send pictures to by 4/13/14 at 9pm.


Village Rioter – Let’s see some OSL this week.

Snake Demon

Hell Hound

Undead Horde – a consistent theme I’ve seen in recent posts is just how long these mini’s are taking people to paint. This week let’s take a crack at all the skeletons we have stacked up. Base coat. Shade. Dry brush. Highlight. Try to get your technique down to less than half an hour a mini and see if you can knock out at least three of these little guys (we were shipped six.)

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5 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Malek

  1. very impressive minis all of you!

    @David: I like your monochrome style, he jumps just out of a black-and-white movie. I will try this also, just find the right figure for it…

    @Magnus: your Skeletor makes me feel very nostalgic 🙂

    @Amy: yours is my favourite! Great colour sheme, he really looks dark and sinister. In comparison my Mage got too colourful.

    @David again: first I wanted a cloak out of skin, but it was too large to come from one “victim”, and then I thought he could be clothed all in skin…

    Great idea with the undead horde. As we painted the Hydra with its goblin victims, I painted the remaining goblins also and tried a fast and easy technic, but it nevertheless took me some evenings. I will try to speed up with the undead…

  2. I love all of these! I’m surprised how many went with blue, and I thought I was being creative! Lol. My absolute favorite is the one with the patchy cloak. That level of attention to detail and talent makes me a little envious, but I tell myself it’s okay cuz I’m so inspired by it too. I’m going to try and add more detail on my own to more of my minis.

    David, I love the upcoming skeleton horde idea!! Yes, it would be good to practice getting faster with this stuff. Expect submissions from me again for the village rioter and the skeleton horde.

  3. Hello all,
    great entries again this week!
    In comments everything that my husband said (yay for B/W style, Skeletor and great starts into painting), plus:
    @Arjen I love the variation from cooler violet to the fleshy reds on your necromancer – you always manage to get a natural and earthy look to your minis!

    @David: Great idea with the paint-a-quick-skellie, I think more painters would participate if the minis weren’t so work-intensive. Not that I’m against long painting projects, but who has so much time at hand every week? So we can just dash out some nice & quick painting, the only question is: Will there be time for me to practice my base-fu? 😮

    @Amy: I’m glad you feel inspired by our mini rather then discouraged, it would be so sad if higher experienced work drove participants away – it’s all just a question of practice! (Although, I have to admit, you already started on a veeery nice level!)

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