Monday Miniatures: Mangu Timur

77148_w_1This week we see what our painters want to do with a classic dark knight, Magnus Timur. While I was digging this picture up from the Reaper website I noticed that the bones version is $3, and the metal version is $6 dollars. While that makes the bones a bargain by any measure, it certainly hits home just how good a deal the kickstarter was. Everyone who picked this little guy up during the crowd funding process got him for a third of that.

Guildball – I’m not much into sports/minis, but the art style is interesting.

Magnus Timor

I set out trying to avoid what I thought would be the most common color scheme: black. So I started with a red base, that in retrospect was too bright. I liked it when I painted it this morning, but this afternoon, I can’t help but think of Metroid because of the green on red helmet. Ussually at the end of the mini I feel like I have used too little color; this time I think I erred on the other end of that spectrum.

Magnus - Copy

Magnus went with a color scheme that was both clear and classic, as befits such a dark knight image.


Jessica continues to improve her non metallic metals technique, and it looks great.


Arjen tried to do a blue on purple color scheme that was was washed out thanks to the choice of background color.


Dirk did the same glow effect I tried to do but better, and added some tarnished/verdigris armor to boot. Great job! Also, as always I love the subtle stories told in the bases: whoever made that summoning circle is going to wish they had done a better job.


Kylie also went with a black and red color scheme. This is one knight I would not like to meet in a dark alley.


David went with a bare metal scheme, but managed to give the metal great color depth. I love the subtle variation in both the metal and the cloth.


Clint is back to painting and sent us a two-for-one deal this week!  The top is the original Mangu Timur in metal, circa 2001, while the lower is the Bones miniature we’ve all painted.  That brassy armor fits the attitude Mangu is throwing around.

Marsh Troll Send your picture to by 3/2/14


Hydra – Part 1 A model this big I want to take two weeks on. Week 1 will be prep and base coating. This week I want to see everyone’s WIP shots. You have 6 weeks till this project, if you don’t have a hydra, you should consider picking one up.

Hydra – Part 2 A whole week just to detail work think about it. I expect to see some really spectacular results from this one. Come on people – this is the week to blow me away


Malek, Necropolis Mage

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7 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Mangu Timur

  1. Kudos to Clint for the double-figure (and with the same paint scheme, no less)!

    Also, I like David’s on the figure; the color scheme kind of reminds me of the Alliance foot soldiers from Warcraft.

    • Thanks, Magnus. I didn’t capture it well in the photos, but the newer Mangu is a good head and a half taller than the older Mangu. It cracks me up. Looks like he’s got his baby brother fighting with him.

  2. They all look great! Its amazing to see how each person takes the same model and does something completely different with it.

    Unfortunately I went away and so was unable to finished – the picture there is just a WIP

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