Monday Miniatures: Storm Giant


A few weeks ago we painted Yephima, the female storm giant. This week we paint her mate to complete the set. Take a look at the great work people submitted this week, and then check back to see the improvement over the previous blue skinned giants they worked on.

28mm Tank – I don’t particularly care for the model, but with all the heroic scale miniatures up on Kickstarter, it is nice to see vehicle projects. Someday they’ll even be one I want to back.

Cthulhu  miniatures – I don’t carcare for the sculpts on this one, but as we all know – I love the subject matter.

Me Giant

I painted my storm giant in the same palette as I painted my earlier female giant. The metal came out better, but the flesh came out worse. I think this was largely a time issue. I, like almost everyone else that submitted this week found this miniature took an inordinate amount of time. It was fun though. As one of today’s submitters put it, we “set a mean pace on this blog.”


I love the saturated look that David used on his mini. The shiny metallics also compliment the other choices made, and I love the subtle details like the edging on the waist armor.


Jonathan went with a paler color scheme, but I love how the white hair looks, and not just because it reminds me of a certain bearded smurf..


Arjen, felt that he had a ways to go before his mini was finished, but I really like his color choices. Definitely check out the sword on this one – great freehand work.


Jessica really blew me away this week. I thought her last storm giant was great, but this one is outstanding. It’s colorful, detailed, and shows great technique. I also think this is her best NMN to date. I wonder where she finds the time. How long dd this one take you Jessica?

Update: In a nod to the amount of time this mini took to paint, there are 4 more minis to post.


William went with a magma theme, and showed amazing freehand, both in the cracks and on the kilt alike.

Magnus (2)

Magnus tried to go with a more realistic palette than most of the entries.


Jack went with a blue giant, as most of us did, but succeeded in his hair where I failed. Great job Jack.


Lastly, but certainly not least we have Antonia’s model. It is the only green mini this week, but that’s not what makes it special. The base on this one is just jaw dropping, both in its details, and in the story in tells. Mind, blown.

Wench – Send your pictures to before 2100 MST on 2/3!


Show us your army! – this week will be the first week in our new schedule, where once a month we go off the vampire menu, and this week I want to see your army. Warmachine? 40k? Dreadball? It’s up to you. It doesn’t need to be finished – but show us what you are working on.

Mangu Timur

Marsh Troll


Question: how many people have the hydra miniature

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9 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Storm Giant

  1. I love that last one. The sky blue color works great for the body, and the lighter hair is almost blonde enough to make me think of Zeus (which helps with the ‘storm’ part of the monster immensely).

  2. Hi all, kudos to all who made it in time painting this huge thing. Davids, I like your very bright results, both get a bit of Hulk-like impressiveness, although with the upper greenish one I think the hair color is not working (at least in the picture), something to do with it being the only non-bright color. A shame, as the rest of your mini is so good. Jessica has the most original color scheme and Jonathan has the most realistic one (a realistic storm giant? well, you know what I mean). Great variation again.

  3. Hello there! Wow, an impressive array of giants!
    I was a bit late this time and sent my pic just some hours ago (it took so long to arrange for the pictures and… well, the painting & basing :-p) but it will hopefully show up as an update soon 🙂
    It will be greenish-skinned (I took the D&D Monster Manual for reference) and will have a little buddy to “play” with 😀

    @ David: I hope you got the picture, it’s about 2,3 MB in size, if that’s too large just tell me and I’ll scale it down!
    (About the Hydra: We don’t own the hydra yet, but heavily think about buying it… so if it happens to be a Monday Miniature, we would have no choice, would we? 😀 )

    @ second David: Great colours and contrasts, especially the metals! Which brand of colours did you use for them?

    @ Arjen: Awesome lightning bolt. I will absolutely try this some day!

    @Jessica: I love the NNM on the blade and the smooth blending on the skin. And wonderful eyes!

      • Thanks so much, David! I’m glad you like it, it’s by far my most elaborate work on a mini & base 🙂 Of course there’s still Nethyrmaul, Undead Bone(s) Dragon waiting in its box so perhaps, one monday 😉

  4. Thanks for the complements all. This one took me a long time as well, I started it about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Its hard to estimate how long it took because I work on it a little at a time, but I’d estimate 12-15 hours on this one. I spent A LOT of time getting that sword to look right.

    There are a lot of really good paint jobs on this one! I love the different variations of the same mini.

    William I think your magma theme is amazing, and you did an incredible job on the tartan kilt.

    Antonia I love the basing on your mini, with the battle wounds it tells such a great story.

    Arjen I think the lightening bolt on your sword is really cool. Definitely helps portray the storm aspect of this giant.

  5. Beautiful job this week, everyone! I’m still trying to adapt my painting habits to a more flexible schedule, and have fallen off the Monday Miniatures bandwagon. My shelf o’ shame grows weekly, now 🙂 At any rate, some wonderful color schemes, nice executions, and ideas I’ll be stealing for future projects. Well done, all around!

    I do happen to have the hydra, but with some other time-intensive projects already in my queue and on the worktable, I don’t know that I can commit to getting it done any time soon (especially given my track record lately). Hopefully I can get back on track with next week’s wench.

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