Monday Miniatures: The Strumpet


Though the strumpet probably isn’t actually using her come hither gesture to get you to read this week’s blog post, I think that it is safe to read that additional message into her seductive motions. If you think she has a certain something now, you should definitely check out all the different ways our painters have dolled her up this week.

Heroforge – This Kickstarter project wants to let you customize your own minis and print them on demand. I think it might be overreaching a bit, and I see some resolution issues in the minis they show, but I love that technology is heading this way.

David Strumpet

This week I was really pleased to see how different all the painters treated this model. I tried to go with a generic/classic look. I thought this was a beautiful mini, despite all the flash on this one.


Dirk went with a vampire theme, and tried some OSL. I love how he and his wife use their basing to try to tell a story with their models.


Arjen on the other hand went with a strumpet that was more down on her luck.


Kylie went with a more colorful motif. She might be the happiest looking of today’s models.

Magnus - Copy

Magnus model apparently didn’t start out on this path, but ended up drawing a lot of inspiration from Jessica Rabbit.


Jessica’s mini is great as always, but I think that the detail on the eye, and the two tone color scheme of the bodice are the highlights of this week’s mini. Way to go Jessica!

Update: David had a late addition, and chose another bright color scheme. The subtle pattern in the dress makes me think Gypsy on this one.

Strumpet (1)

Male Storm Giant – Send your pictures to before 2100 MST on 1/27!



Show us your army! – this week will be the first week in our new schedule, where once a month we go off the vampire menu, and this week I want to see your army. Warmachine? 40k? Dreadball? It’s up to you. It doesn’t need to be finished – but show us what you are working on.

Mangu Timur

Marsh Troll

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4 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: The Strumpet

  1. Hey all, great miniatures this week!
    I love how the strumpets show differen levels of wealth in their outfit and working area! Arjen’s lady has a dirty, nearly “mouldy” look.
    Kylie’s and Magnus’ work at least for the middle class, and Jessica’s strumpet looks as if she is living (or at least working) in a palace! Nice blending on the skirt, btw.
    David: could you re-check your participation date? It says we can send you pictures of the giant until… well, today, Jan. 20st.* 😀 Regular participants won’t mind (or even don’t see the date), but others, who don’t check in that regularly, could be irritated.
    * I really hope this is a typo, because I’m *no way* done with the giant yet!

  2. There are definitely some great figures this week! I wanted to try make-up, but since I was 1) practically done with the figure and 2) short on time, I decided against it. I’m not sure how best to apply a make-up effect, short of using thin paints and being very careful (though if I was accidentally too heavy-handed, at least it might come off as intentional with this figure).

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