Monday Miniatures: The Swarm


Caution: This week’s post is not for the arachnophobic. If looking at pictures of spiders makes you feel like there might be one crawling up your leg at this very moment, then perhaps you should come back next week.

If on the other had you don’t mind creepy crawlies, then you should definitely take a look

Redbox has posted their third project this week. I’ll let you know what I think about it after my miniatures from their second project get here later this week.


This week we focused on the spider swarm. Like several other participants this week I went above and beyond, doing the scarab swarm as well. And it certainly wasn’t because I started painting the wrong set first or anything. Nope. Definitely not. I didn’t care much for this model. It’s details were soft, and the sculpt was uninspired, but nonetheless, we had a couple participants that managed to work their usual magic and make a silk purse out of sows ear.


Jessica went with a brown color scheme. Though it is not as colorful as some of the rest, I think it shows wonderful depth.


Dirk did a great job customizing every spider, and changing them from an anonymous mass to something with a bit more personality.


His wife, Antonia really outdid herself this week. Her color scheme didn’t photograph too well, but her base was absolutely amazing. I love the story it tells (at the expense of a failed hero.) Great work!

Magnus - Copy

Magnus went with a nice two tone color scheme that really helps bring out the detail.

All the Spiders Collage

Kylie did the swarm, and then painted the spiders to match.

vermin medium

Arjen, like me chose to paint all of his swarms at once. I love the metallic color scheme on the scarabs. I wish I had thought of that.

Strumpet – Send your pictures to before 2100 MST on 1/20!

Male Storm Giant



Show us your army! – this week will be the first week in our new schedule, where once a month we go off the vampire menu, and this week I want to see your army. Warmachine? 40k? Dreadball? It’s up to you. It doesn’t need to be finished – but show us what you are working on.

Mangu Timur

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6 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: The Swarm

  1. Great job everyone! I was particularly impressed with Dirk’s details and Antonia’s base.

    Did anyone else have trouble photographing this model? Maybe is my meager equipment – I only have 2 lamps, a sheet of copy paper, and a $100 camera (I can’t wait for my dslr). however I usually get pretty good results, this time I couldn’t get a sharp photos.

  2. I wish I had thought to paint the other swarms! Maybe I’ll try to do that when I have some “catch-up” time.

    Also, I really like Kylie’s matching swarms and large spiders; that’s a neat idea!

  3. Hi all!
    Great minis, everyone!
    I esp. like Magnus’ 2-color-scheme (I think it’s also a great way to paint really fast and still have some variation when you just go basecolor!) and Kylie’s Big-and-small approach, great idea!

    This project has been really funny, although at first I found it quite difficult to find a “story” – I always try to get an idea what happened “before/after” when I paint miniature. The swarm was a hard one, kind of “plain” as it is, but luckily it worked out!

    – Kylie: I also found it difficult to take pictures, perhaps that is because of the flat surface? I just have a small camera and had to use the “macro” setting, and it was hard not to cast a shadow on the mini while taking pictures

    @all happy silent readers who think about painting: Just do it! You don’t have to do every mini, just pic one or two at the end of the list, so you’ll have enough time 😀

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