Monday Miniatures: Vermin


I didn’t plan to put up an easy model for the week of Thanksgiving, but I’m glad it worked out like that. I had a very busy and enjoyable weekend visiting family, but still found time to paint these adorable little guys. A few other people did too – you should look below, and check them out.

Twelve Elements of War – this is a project that has a lot of digital renders, but not much else. Also, the amount they are trying to fund doesn’t seem like enough to accomplish their goals.


This week’s mini’s were harder to light than to paint. Since there was so little to them, I did both of the little guys. The one in green came out much more visually interesting to me than the one in brown.


Magnus went with a brown color scheme as well, though I thought that his stripes came out awesome looking.


Jessica did both, but went with more of a classic color scheme. I was really surprised to see that she didn’t touch the eyes, considering how well she does gems on minis in general.


Clint and Laura were just straight showing off this week. Not only do their spiders look great, but the diorama they built to accompany them is just over the top. Even without the trees and the webs they would have been best in show this week. Great job guys.

Sadly we only had four people participate this week, but that is to be expected for a holiday weekend.

Edit: Arjen did some painting over the weekend as well, but I somehow missed the email. This one was worth the wait; Clint and Laura base is still spectacular, but I think this might be the best painted Spider this week. It borders on the real. Outstanding job.


Virina – Send your pictures to before 2100 MST on 12/8!

Stone Golem



Goblin War Chanter

Vermin Swarm

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10 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Vermin

  1. Hi guys, i sent my vermin on saturday, didn’t you get it? will send it today again. BTW I like your green eyed one!

  2. Great job everyone! I’m always impressed (and jealous). 🙂
    Clint, Laura, wow! Nice base. And tree. And web. And is that a body hanging in the web sack? So cool! 🙂

  3. I find it interesting, David, that you were surprised that I didn’t paint the eyes(I was a bit surprised to see others WERE painted). The eyes on my models are barely distinguishable, and didn’t seem like anything worth highlighting. Perhaps a bit of a miscast on mine, sad too, because I really like the way the eyes add some interest, especially the bright green.

    • There wasn’t much in the way of details on these, was there? I think I spent 15 minutes top on the paint.

      But then, Arjen’s paint job reminds us that the details don’t need to be sculpted. Well done!

      • That’s very true, Clint. Arjen’s paint job is excellent even without the actual detail on the model. I was admittedly feeling very uninspired with this one, felt like I was painting a cheap plastic spider that belonged on a ring at Halloween.

  4. Thanks for all the praise. With animals, including griffons and the like, I always search google images for photos of real ones that look nice. The back torso is actually from a common house spider, whereas the rest is from another one I do not know the name of. When my wife saw the finished thing she went yuck, get it away! So I knew I got it right.

  5. For me, last week was full of food, family, and friends, but no painting. I hope to do a little something with these during a paint binge over the Christmas holiday, but doubt I’ll pull off anything as intricate as Clint and Laura’s lovely base. Nicely done!

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