Monday Miniatures: Astrid


Finally we turn our sights on the ubiquitous bard, specifically Astrid, who seems to be rocking a +5 mandolin of rockin’. Peak below the fold to see just how awesome that instrument can be in the hands of a great painter (of which we have several this week.)

War and Empire – From West Wind, we have minis of the ancient world. Really, they look pretty good, too. Take a look.


This week I was all ready to complain about the quality of this miniature. The way the details were ever so slightly melted, the way I couldn’t seem to get the first layer of paint to stick, and even the mold line was impossible to pick out of this mini’s hair. I would have complained, but that was before I saw everyone else’s efforts his week; the truth is that apparently I just suck.

But that’s okay – next week I’ll do better.


David did our first of two Kiss themed minis, and it looks great.


Clint did our second kiss  style bard – this one complete with amp and electric guitar.

Magnus - Copy

Magnus chose a very similar color scheme to my own; the biggest difference was that he did a much better job.


Albert went with a classic and somewhat subdued color scheme. I think that of all the bards this week – the instrument came out looking the most wood-like.


Jessica went with an incredibly vibrant color scheme, and a beautiful base to match.


Laura though, she takes the cake. She picked out every last detail: laces, buckles, threads, and fringes. And to add insult to injury, she made the outfit look like leather to boot. This mini blew me away. Every week Laura spends not painting a mini is a travesty.

UPDATE!  Pragma sent in his Astrid with a stunning base!  The paint job is pretty darn good, but I am blown away by that base.


More updates!  Here’s another incredible mini from Tonya, complete with a stage to perform on.


And here’s one from another David, with a mix of vibrant green and purple.


Coming up in the Mini-A-Week schedule, we have…

Vermin – Send your pictures to before 2100 MST on 11/24!


Stone Golem



Goblin War Chanter

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11 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Astrid

    • I didn’t notice this to be any worse for details than most of the other bones, not great but not terrible. However, seeing the metal minis makes it REALLY obvious, trying to pick out details on the corset would have been completely futile on my bones mini where they seem really easily distinguishable on the metal ones.

  1. I agree, I found the detail very difficult to pick out on this figure, even above the normal “doesn’t-show-up-until-you-have-paint-on-it” factor that most Bones have. For example, Laura’s figure seems to have much sharper detail on the corset than my figure did.

  2. If found Astrid to be an extremely bad cast and gave up painting her shortly after starting. Considering this, you did a great job and the others as well.

  3. As someone with no artistic talent, I can honestly say you folks are awesome. Everyone did an amazing job (jealous over here). Keep up the great work everyone! Thanks for a great Monday morning! 🙂

  4. I could tell after seeing one of the models that it was either metal, or they spent a lot of time with greenstuff. I could see that the blobs on my model’s hips were actually supposed to be bottles! Fun to do, though. Nice work, all. Happy to see your pieces.

  5. Hey David? That’s the secret to painting: Don’t try to be perfect, just be better than you were yesterday.

    That probably holds true for a lot more than painting.

    Why did it take me so long to learn this?

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