Monday Miniatures: Clay Golem


This week was messy. The blog went fine, but I almost didn’t have a chance to do any painting at all because of work.

Fortunately I held myself to the high standard that frequent contributor Clint has been setting so far this year (45 weeks of painting straight and counting) and carved out some time to practice.

After all, if you don’t practice, you’ll never get better, right?

This week we only have two projects.

Afterlife – this is a low budget scifi mini game. I really like some of the previous work from this company, but the sculpts in this project are uninspired to say the least.

Gamer Gridz – This is a fine idea, but with poor execution. Constant measuring of distances in wargames really slows down the pace. I hope to see more ideas in this vein.


This project once again hits home for me how much I need a better lighting set up. I was going for a clayface style golem here. In person, I feel like I pulled it off, but on camera – not so much. The flash on this mini was one of the worst I have seen so far, but otherwise it was a pleasure to paint.


Since there were 3 Davids this week, we’ll start with those first. David #2 went with an identical color scheme, but did a much better job. Way to go David, share some of your tips with the rest of us.

David (2)

Our third and final David also did a wonderful job. The base is stellar, and the facial detailing is truly fantastic.


Next up is Arjen, who went with a grey color scheme, and a truly creepy glowing set of eyes.


Danniel is the winner this week I think, and not just because they did twice the work of everyone else. Free hand glowing runes.. multi layer color schemes.. the work on this pair is absolutely outstanding. Please, share your secrets!


Jessica is back again this week, and she has done in incredibly smooth job of blending. I think her golem wants to be a real boy.


Last, but certainly not least, we have Clint. After carefully looking at all the participants this week, I am pretty sure that Clint’s looks the angriest. I had no idea anger was a color; you learn something new every day.

So this week there were seven diligent painters. I love the variety. It only inspires me to paint more. Thank you all for participating and showing me how far I have to go.

Edit: Another golem has been sent my way. This makes for 8 participants, and 4 Davids – fully half of our line up is a David – how can we lose? I really like this one – the hulk golem (complete with greenstuff sculpted hair.)


Edit 2: Two more golems were sent my way, after I went to bed. I’ll post them just as soon as I get home from work.

clay golem composite (1)

Tonya went with the clay red color scheme so many of us chose. I think this one came out looking distinctly rock like.

ClayGolem1_zps388b8407 - Copy

Last but certainly not least, Magnus went with a very distinct color scheme of yellow clay.

Galedon Send your emails to before 9pm on 11/10. I’ll see you all next week!

The Female Cloud Giant




Stone Golem

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9 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Clay Golem

  1. These all look great! I am ashamed that I was unable to work on the golem this week. But, there are still plenty more bones to try and paint! A mini a week. I am impressed!

  2. I have been trying to use less dry brushing lately. It never photographs the way I like. So with the pair of golems, particularly Terror Cotta, I tried using layered paints and washes. I’ve been experimenting with the Bones since I have so many and I can afford to lose a few to tests. I’m also trying OSL and NMM where I feel I can, but it’ll be a while before I post many of those.

  3. Hah, that is an awesome Hulk! 😀

    My strategy was quick and dirty. Light brown base, a good wash in brown, then a light dry brush with a light grey, and then pick out details. Took about an hour from start to finish. 🙂

  4. Nice results. Had no time to take part this week but I will with Galedon (already started on him).

    • Ah, Found it. That wizard from the “New 30” Not my favorite sculpt but he’ll make good practice.

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