Wardenclyffe Refund Update

Over the last couple weeks we have started our refund process, refunding almost $4,000 to over 40 backers. Unfortunately I have spent a week traveling for work, and so we have fallen a bit behind in the refund process – at present there are about 30 unanswered requests in my inbox. We will start catching up on that backlog over the weekend.

I’m sure that all of you realize that failing, especially in such a public way is very painful. We were extremely grateful for the support of our backers during the funding process and doubly so during the de-funding process. Everyone that has asked for a refund has been unfailingly polite and supportive, and almost everyone has requested to be reminded when we relaunch so they can help us try again. It’s really very moving.

Additionally we have had just over 30 backers wave their refund in whole or in part. These shows of generosity and understanding are impossible to over estimate. We knew there was an element of risk to trying to Kickstart our graphic novel, and while we acknowledge that every backer has the right to expect a full refund in the event of project failure, we are touched by those that share that risk with us.

The above numbers mean one more thing: we have only heard from about half our backers. If you haven’t yet contact us, please do so we can fill up the queue and see everyone made whole as soon as possible.

When we have exhausted the funds on hand, we will switch our focus to releasing a digital copy of the first issue so that everyone can see what we were able to accomplish, and share in our vision. We will get this out to our backers along with a detailed post mortem sometime in November

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

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