Monday Miniatures: Worthwhile Projects Edition


There is a widespread when it comes to the quality of miniature projects in the crowdfunding world. Most of the time I feel like I am either complaining about how many bad ones there are, or how professional and unworthy of funding a current project is. The porridge seems to always be too hot or too cold.

Well, both of the projects I found this week look just about right.

Bake your Bases – There was a very similar project to this a few weeks ago that piqued my interest as a worthwhile idea, but with quality issues. This project and other like it (I certainly hope someone has filed a patent) have the potential to upset the whole $1-a-resin-base market in short order.

Shock Sisters – This creator has purchased the rights to a very old miniature line, and wants to launch them in a modernized way. I think that’s awesome. They look very 40k, and even though he wants to get away from that to some extent, they will make some great alternate sisters of battle.



Clint painted his last Ork for a while, and even sent us a group shot. This army really deserves a diorama (get on it Laura!)


Jessica on the other hand, back from her vacation did a beautiful job on another bones mini. Starting in the next week or two, all three of us should be painting the same bones mini on a regular basis. It will be like the west side story, but with paint brushes.

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One thought on “Monday Miniatures: Worthwhile Projects Edition

  1. “When you paint minis, you paint minis all the way. From your first rusty wash to your last iron grey.”
    I couldn’t resist. 🙂
    Great paint jobs Clint and Jessica!

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