Miniature Mondays: A Little too Quiet


Well, it had to happen eventually. I’ve been too busy moving to paint for a couple months now, and others could only pick up my slack for so long. This week Jessica was out of town, and Clint was too  busy to get me a mini. I will try to remedy the situation in the next week or so as I just unpacked my paints and brushes today. All that’s left is to reassemble my desk and I can get back in the saddle.

Fortunately, there a few interesting projects today to discuss.

D20 Pro – First up is a company that is trying to make money doing what they would have done anyway. Click on the link to their website and see. They are literally trying to reinvigorate their business model with Kickstarter money. Tabletop will go digital someday, but not this way.

Wrath of Kings – CMON is at it again, with Kickstarter number 8. So far these projects have raised a combined 6 million dollars. That’s real money. I’m in for a bit to watch it, but am so far not impressed. This game has lovely sculpts, but their stretch goals are formulaic, and the game appears lackluster. More than anything the response to this project shows me that the mini market might be well and truly glutted. A year ago this would have been a million dollar project – now it is just an also ran.

Pure Evil – This project is interesting. I like it both for the quality of the sculpt and the fact that it has a real independent feel. In fact, it was the only project this week that I think really needs my money. Sadly, at over $30, it is too rich for my blood. Still, if you need some cthonic miniatures for your lovecraft campaign, you could do worse than to pick this one up.

(Edit: Clint sent me a picture in the dead of night. Apparently orks just don’t follow timetables. Orkish ambushes have rarely been so stylish.)



Got a project to share, or a mini to paint? Email me at and tell me all about it.

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3 thoughts on “Miniature Mondays: A Little too Quiet

  1. I really need to start painting again. Lost momentum and got caught up in other things. (Not all of them Kickstarter-related.)

    That “Wrath of Kings”…I wasn’t going to back it anyhow, because I don’t need another miniatures game, but some of those sculpts are just horrible. The Nasier Pelagarth figure…man, I want to like that they were inclusive of different female body types, but really, a thong an white nipple tape as their costume? With masks, because you’ll never be looking at their face anyhow, amirite? The Shael Han Big Sisters are dressed like fantasy hookers too, but at least you get to see their faces.

    I DO like the Teknes Zallack. Looks a bit like a pirate Cthulhu.

    Ah well, the Star Trek Attack Wing (like X-Wing Miniatures, but for Star Trek) comes out this week, so it’s not like I won’t be spending ANY money on miniatures. 🙂

    • Clint-I’d be happy to do a “lets paint the same mini thing”. If you’d like to get my contact info from David we can figure out which ones to paint.

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