Monday Miniatures: The Reaper has Landed


At long last I finally have the internet at my fingertips again. This week I was able to scour Kickstarter once more in order to bring you the latest and greatest in crowdfunded miniature projects. Something more important happened though – my Reaper pledge arrived.

Now, this isn’t the first physical reward I’ve received. I think it is the sixth or seventh. The rest have been minor in comparision: trinkets, or a board game arriving in a little brown box. My reaper order took 2 rather large boxes though, and was quite the event.

This order, though the largest, is the first of many similar orders that will be headed this way over the course of the year. It makes me think that when it comes to miniatures it might have, shall we say, over indulged. Below is the group shot of the vampire pledge level, plus every single addon. I hope to have them all painted by 2026.

Dem Bones

So, while  was busy unboxing these things, Clint and Jessica were busy as always with their painting.


Clint finishes off “yet another ork,” in his description. Really, I think he might have a whole room of these things lying around from the many years he was in the Ork of the Month club.


Jessica on the other hand does yet another fire dragon. She just finished the Dark reapers though, so we’ll give her some slack; I’m sure she’ll be done with this unit soon enough. Also, is it just me or has Jessica’s camera gotten an upgrade?

Want to join the fun? Send your pictures to

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2 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: The Reaper has Landed

  1. I don’t think I’d have enough time over the course of the rest of my life to paint all those minis, David! Some nicely painted minis, btw! David, I’m going to have to go back through your posts again, because I haven’t run across that Wardenclyffe update one you were telling me about. No big. I’ll look more thoroughly. Got behind somehow on all my blog reading the last couple weeks, sadly. Anyway, have an awesome weekend, guys!

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