Monday Miniatures: Reruns


This week there isn’t much new under the sun. Well – there is a lot of new stuff; my life continues to be one wild ride of work obligations and moving preparations.

There just isn’t much new related to miniatures in crowd funding this week. Don’t believe me? You’re welcome to look yourself, but I’m pretty sure I found all the news that is fit to print, and you have seen most of them before.

That’s right, the majority of the projects launched this week were relaunches of efforts that didn’t go so well previously.

Dungeonscape – The first project is original only that it hasn’t been launched before by this creator. Plenty of other people have had the idea to sell unlicensed copies of Mr Hirst’s molds in the past. I’m just glad that Kickstarter slapped this one down so quickly.

Model Warzones – The magnetic mini table that was on track not to fund last week doesn’t look like it’s on track to fund this week either. I still am not sure what need this project fills.

Maki Games Terrain – Want a shipping container to hide behind while the enemy shoots at you? Have I got a project for you. This one seems like it has potential, though I am not certain I have any need for what they are selling.

Redbox – Redbox is back again. This time they seem to be selling mostly figures they already produce. I would have thought this was something Kickstarter was opposed to, but after their announcement last week, I guess it’s all good so long as they get a cut. If you want goblins this is for you.

photo (30)

Some painting got done this week – just not by me. Jessica painted a purple worm to try out the bones material. I think the purple worm should be the new benchmark for painting on this blog (and not just because mine turned out awesome!)

Like Clint she reported some difficulties with the paint sticking to the beasty on the first coat. I had no such issues; any other painters care to weigh in on the bones material?


Clint worked on his Menoth army, getting one model closer to complete. How many more till we get to see the group shot, man?

Want to share your painting skills with the internet? Email me your pictures at

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5 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Reruns

  1. David, you completely missed a life changing miniature project.
    Miniature Wargaming – Flying Assault Butts

    Doesn’t everyone need miniature butts with wings?

  2. That Redbox Kickstarter sure does come off feeling like a storefront. At the bottom, he even said, “all rewards sold through this Kick Starter campaign”, though I applaud that his company has done well and he’s obviously been very busy making some neat minis.

    I could see some people wanting the magnetic table idea though I’m more interested in the projector system that enables you to project a battlemap on the table.

    The terrain project you mentioned, looked neat, but seemed pretty limited in scope to me, but more power to them, if they can get the interest going. Cheers!

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