Monday Miniatures: Bare Cupboard Edition


The last few weeks have been a buffet for the lovers of all things miniature. For the last several weeks a huge variety of new projects have been appearing on the scene, eager for your attention. This constant variety is a stark contrast to the meager offerings available today. I hope you got your fill with some of the high profile projects that just ended, like Drake, because it looks like we are in for a dry spell.

Deadzone – First up we have the latest project by Mantic. As a company they seem to be converting Games Workshop games into Kickstarter projects with slightly different thematic elements. Currently they are cranking out a Necromunda lookalike. This game has some interesting miniatures, but is unlikely to get my money.

Daemon Forge Studios – Next up we have another uninspired terrain project. There is nothing wrong with this one, but I don’t see a lot that is right about it either.

Terrain Your Style – If you check out one Kickstarter project I link this year – make it this one. This is without a doubt the laziest and least worthwhile project I have see on Kickstarter. For a fantastic surcharge this creator wants to sell you styrofoam that has been cut into something resembling terrain. He’ll even primer it for you (but not paint it. This person is looking for the grand sum of 25 pounds (~$40) to make this happen, though admits he really needs to make more like 111 pounds to make it worth his while. A good rule of thumb might be that any project that costs less than $100 doesn’t need the money of strangers to be realized; another might be that Kickstarter can shoot down a project for being ‘halfassed.’

You know what wasn’t halfassed though? The painting done this week. First up we have Jessica that did a great job on a whole pile of minis.



40K Minis16

Clint follows up with another great ork. These great miniatures he has been working so hard to paint were recently featured on GW’s on deviant art page; way to go Clint!


Lastly, Kerry has sent another great scifi miniature back from the feature to kill us before we can stop the machines from rising up against us… or something like that.

2013-04-18 20.39.58

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6 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Bare Cupboard Edition

  1. Awesome paint-jobs everyone! Congrats Clint on the GW feature! Keep up the good work folks, I enjoy Mondays a little more because of you guys.

  2. The Deadzone one interests me for two reasons. First, they seem to be adding lots of extras as stretch goals, and adding them to the main set rather than just doing add-ons. As quickly as it’s grown, that might wind up meaning a LOT of extras at the end. The second reason I’m watching this is for the 3D terrain sprues. The build-your-own set option is kinda nice.

    That said, I’ve already got money sunk into the Robotech project, and there’s another one coming up that I’m interested in called “All Quiet on the Martian Front”, featuring HG Wells’ Martian tripods versus Martian-tech-enhanced WW1 military. That one’s set to kick off in the next day or two.


        They’ve been doing some pre-Kickstarter marketing, showing off some of the goods, which I think is an awesome idea. Also, if it’s something you think you might pick up, sign up for their newsletter and get bonus units if you pledge.

        I do want to start the painting, and I will be able to do that after this week. Gotta finish that 20-page paper first. 🙂

        Do you have a preferred paint set? I think I’m going to start with my Dust Tactics figures, so I need something that has a good selection of WW2-ish colors.

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