Monday Miniatures: Triple Seven


This week we hit the jackpot, with lucky numbers all around. Seven, count ’em, seven Kickstarters were launched this week that prominently feature miniatures. Additionally someone has decided to keep Clint and Jessica company in their diligent weekly painting.

Want to know more? Read on my friends, read on.

With so many new projects we need to cover, let’s get right into it.

  • By Fire and Sword – This is a new historical miniature game, eager to make its big debut. If you want Polish Hussars, this one is for you. 
  • 40k Challenge Coins – This project takes the challenge coins so popular among real military units to its logical conclusion: fictional military units. This would be an awesome project (though I question it’s legality) if only the fan art wasn’t so terrible. Now I really want Games Workshop to make this product, even though they would charge $40 a coin.
  • Dungeon Terrain – This is another set of dungeon terrain, though this one I think is using Hirst arts molds, straight up. The lack of credit given makes me believe that this use is not a licensed use.
  • Robotech – At a quarter of a million and rising, Palladium is back with a vengeance  Even if you don’t want to back it, this one is worth checking out.
  • Barricades and Bunkers – This is more war gaming terrain. This time the flavor is laser cut acrylic and resin.
  • Plane Quest – This project wants to do for miniature wargaming what Skylanders have done for children’s video games; they can succeed too, they just need a quarter million pounds to get off the ground. The day is coming when RIFDs enter the wargaming fray, but it will not be this project I think that will do it.
  • Galaxy Defenders – This mini-centric board game doesn’t seem like anything special to me, but it has already raised a $70k, so that shows what I know. If you want some cheap casts of aliens/predator ripoff’s, be sure to check them out.

Now that we have the 7 out-of-the-way it is time to get down to the three. I’ll bet you thought that one of the three painters was going to be me. Sadly I spent the weekend sick in bed, and continue to live out of a hotel. The good news is that I did bring painting supplies to the hotel with me this week. The bad news is of course that nothing new was painted. Well, by me at least. The rest of my friends made progress as ever.


First we start with Jessica, who as always is painting her Eldar; this week she shows off by painting three excellent examples of Eldar warriors. Can you believe that someday I am actually going to fight that army?


Next we catch up with Clint, who is steadily working through a seemingly endless supply of orks. How many more orks do you have anyway Clint?

2013-04-18 20.40.11

Lastly, new arrival Kerry shows off her detail work on what I believe to be a Mercs miniature. If you think that’s awesome, you should see her Khador army sometime.

Want to share your painting with the world? Email me your pictures at

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11 thoughts on “Monday Miniatures: Triple Seven

  1. The Robotech game went right past my rational “That’s a lot of money” and hit me square in the nostalgia center of my brain. I watched Robotech religiously back in my high school days, back when we still called it “Japanimation”. It’s nice to see that it’s doing well, and that they’re adding lots of stretch goal extras.

    Speaking of stretch goal extras, have you checked up on Myth? That one’s going nuts, and they’ve added a ton of extras, including several new enemy types. I haven’t backed this one, but considering the amount of extras, I might.

    Also, there were actually 8 mini-based projects. There’s also the superhero-themed “Guardian Chronicles” ( It looks promising, but I don’t think it’s going to do as well as it could if it hadn’t launched into a very crowded project market.

    • Right in the nostalgia center? How painful!

      I am certainly tempted by myth.

      Thank you for pointing out the project I missed. Will we ever see you painting Brian? You seem to love buying minis almost as much as me.

      • Not painful. Just expensive. But the game looks sweet.

        Myth has already locked in all their major figure stretch goals. For the $100 backer level, you get the box that has 41 figures, and then an additional hundred figures, including several new races. It’s not quite Reaper Bones, but it’s close. I dropped one of the other, less exciting games I was backing and jumped into this one. I’m kinda glad I came in at the end, so I missed all of the stretch goal whining.

        I do want to start painting. My Dust Tactics army and Zombicide heroes will probably be first. I’m right at the end of my first semester of grad school, though, so I’m eyeballs deep in final project and test studying. Once summer starts, though, I’ll start figuring out this whole painting thing.

  2. Welcome, Kerry! Nice work, very clean, with nice, crisp blacklining.

    Jessica, your Eldar are looking sharp as ever and I really like your bases.

    To answer David, I have 16 more orcs to go. Ugh. I’m barely halfway through and sick of painting them already. This is why I don’t do armies, I’m too much of a dilettante.

  3. I see these neat miniatures and always say out loud to no one in particular, “If only I were good at painting, then I could get ones that need color and impress people with them.” As it is my art skills are terrible and I am jealous of those able to do such things.

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