Miniature Mondays: Double Vision


This week everything comes in pairs.  much like my painting output, activity on the Kickstarter front seems to have fallen off a cliff, though on the bright side there is at least one project I am seriously interested in. If you want to see what that is, by all means read on!

  •  Raven’s Run – The first project to post this week was a space miniatures game. I would like to see more activity in this subgenre of the miniatures world. I’m not sure this will be the project to popularize fleet scale space combat (beyond many of the professional games already on the market, but I will be keeping any eye on it. 
  • Tablescapes – This project is being done by Secret Weapon. Normally a real company launching a Kickstarter is a big no-no for me. Projects like this are the exception. Secret Weapon sells washes, weathering pigments and custom bits for minis; I have purchased from them before and was very pleased with that purchase. What they are trying to create with this project is a new and ambitious product line. This isn’t the first time I have seen projects like this on Kickstarter, but this is the first time it will fund. I’ve been pretty hesitant to spend any dollars on Kicstarter lately for personal reasons, but this could be the project to change all that.

Sadly I got no painting done this week. If I live out of this hotel room too much longer I might have to bring paints with me. I wonder how the housekeeper will feel about that. Fortunately our regular contributors were too dedicated to slack like myself: both of them painted two minis this week.


First up is Jessica, well on her way to finishing her howling banshees. All the work is paying off though; last month she wasn’t even basing her minis and now they are really starting to pop.


Clint on the other hand is knocking out some more orks. Though he felt they looked sort of rushed, I think they look great – any loss of detail in the clothing is more than made up for by the fantastic rust effects. I think he needs to try his hand at something evil and mechanical with that technique, like a chaos dreadnought.

Want to contribute? Email pictures to

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4 thoughts on “Miniature Mondays: Double Vision

  1. Haha–I like that, this time, Clint included the model names on his picture. Jessica’s eldar look good, but what I find really impressive is the jewel effect. How do you do that? I’ve tried before, and they look… bad.

    • I use citadel ‘ardcoat on every gem. It gives it an actual shine that makes the gems look realistic and I think it helps obscure some of the painting flaws.

  2. They’re painted, usually just a white dot in the upper left quadrant of the jewel. In the pictures you can see some though that are an actual reflection of light.

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